Reagent drops are way to low

We need a big buff to crafting materials drops, at least the normal ones legendary is a rare chance, but the normal ones barely drop.
Since the crafting system is way to rng based, then we need a hell lot of materials. Or make a more working crafting system wich isnt all about rng. I waste all the materials i get to try get some stats i dont get anyway, we need 100´s of each to have a small chance of getting what we want, even then its not sure we get it, so why not let the maps swim in those materials/reagents. The only one I have more of 20 of is the one that reroll all stats, the others i dont have any of since they dont drop at all.

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Created: 3 years, 11 months ago

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You can get regents from the Black market for 10k gold. Also I think the crafting is fair. What I usually do is when I run expeditions I pick up all the items I want to craft anyway. When I see a good roll, I upgrade it. I took me no more than 10 crafts to create 1070 damage hammer with Physical/Toxic % material damage, crit damage, attack speed and leech. I will never swap that weapon for my warrior build ever. As for my other gear, It's all close to perfect and it took me 3-4 crafts with the same system for each item.

I think the unique drops are too low, compared to the crafting materials.

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Created: 3 years, 11 months ago

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