WolcenGame - Developer hold your words given to us!

I am glad that we are getting Updates, but was is with your Plan to bring out a fix every day?
Okay its time of world pandemic, but isnt it possible to get us some Game fixes, Patches every two weeks?...

Maybe I am totally wrong and you are working on some new Content for our loved Wolcen what need a lil´ longer.

Suprise us! May with giving us new Item with required level 70+ to wear it.

We hope you dev´s are all fine, healthy and best of innovation.
Gift us with some special that let all haters forget about their conspired words of hate.

Best thing you as company can do, is holding your words what you given to your community, groundation for one of the best ARPGs out on earth.
Use the tons of suggestions you get. Hold your word and you will have no problem to become over a D3. Let your friend involve the secret "Muhlevel-Dungeon" of the best, innovative creator out there. I know some day we will find some Information more, about this... cursed village with this sanctuarium of a Church.
His dreams getting true with all the possibility you already created.

Beware yourself. Hold your Base and believe in friends and your community.
What you can present gaming world in time of a year will bring you much respect, New sights and Comments.
I see it in my dreams. You can get rich... okay, or you can be famous rich as creators.

My dreams sometimes getting true. It is still your Opinion. At the Moment you have got all tools for your "Showcase" in your hand.
We are holding to you.

Can you bring us three new melee skills in a month?.

-The Holy Blade - A Muli-Target attack, what attacking enemies arround in short times (7 up to xx Hits in 2 seconds), less enemies, same amount of hits, what first bringt your enemies weakness (if they are weak melee /( tanks can live longer in the crowd. Also a "Perk" - Chance that opponents glow up in your holy energy, inflicting weakness arround, or may exploding in a group healing nova.
-The companion - A Big Dog or Tiger?! ; Me prefering a little angel, fairy, war dwarf a or whever, Your Companion will give you and your group an aura, more critical , damage ,resistance scoring, toughness, block-efficience,- chance. They also have moves (via perks) to help you in battle, maybe by inflict weakness ailments on the evil. Something what helps Melee´s, Tanks to stay longer in Battlefront and also protect his group.
-The Resistance - A Aether Shield what protecting you from magicians, you can spell it via a "perk" on your whole group and protecting them all. This Shields will reflect magical damage, also mean ailments back to your enemies- Skill-Perks can give you and your group group a longer shield time, life leech.. Aether Damage as well.

It is something for our tanks and melee fighters out there, who also like to protect their group. With a closer look you´ll find some hints to kind of a Tank-Paladin.

I write this down, cause Its easy to say... do 3-5 new skills in a month, without any creative inspiration.
I play a Battlemage by myself but know that we need more active Tank (Melee, Supporter) - Skills in Wolcen.

If their are grammatic fails, take them lovely.
The real context is beyond my 7 Minutes creativity by writing down possible skills.

Thank you community.
Decide Wolcen-Team. We hoping you choose us, the wolcen community,


Thomas "WhyJu"

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Created: 3 years, 4 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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