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TLDR; Act bosses need tuning, agree?

My friend played offline at launch and wasnt able to beat the bosses without using bleeding edge, once he equipped it no problem. The team nerfed it so it wasnt over powered. My playthrough and i couldnt beat edric. Maybe i suck who knows. The only videos i could find were people using overpowered skills or glitches at the time. I fought him no problem every time, until part 3 then he just one hits me. There was not really a steady incline it felt like the difficulty was turned from normal to dark souls. Maybe its just me but does anyone else think the bosses need tuning? Like he would do massive amounts of damage out of no where, the only reason im saying this is because it doesnt make sense to me that i can plow through trash, have an okay go about with elites, but then the boss is impossible. I understand bosses should be hard but it seemed almost wrong, like unintended difficulty.

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I have 5 offline characters, mages, ranged, melee, all of it, and I beaten all the bosses. Melee vs 3rd stage act1 boss is a bit crap, i had to repeat it maybe 10 times, and seconds stage of Lambach is psycho in general, but it is definitely not "unbeatable". Btw I never used Bleeding edge, so if your friend "had to" use BE to beat bosses, well, it is tough, it is not nice, but it a reality - he is a n00b :p

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generally ailments in the story mode are powerful, u dont need basically any equ any skills just some points in toughness, here is example

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Or just use bulwark of dawn and stand inside of the circle... Never had problems with this without using BE as a melee (melee mage hybrid)

But I agree you shouldn't have to use a specific skill so it's not a pain in the a**..

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Seems more of a problem with builds than with the bosses. I have played all character types. Even not used bleeding edge and still managed to down all the bosses with very little problem.

You might not notice it but the Gates of fates lines matter a lot. Also going Glass cannon on things is a terrible idea especially if solo.

Created: 7 months, 3 weeks ago

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