Game difficulty doing story

After last patch I find a huge difficulty increase going into act 2.
I was sort of ok damage wise through act 1, but after starting act 2 I felt like doing no damage at all, and it did also feel like the bigger enemys like summoner and those pack leader was alot tougher to kill.
I also think that the act 1 boss need a nerf, it was a really struggle to get him down, he have way to much hp.
I also didnt get any weapon upgrades since middle of act 1, so might be the reason its hard in act 2, but when you dont get any upgrades you cant do anything about it.
I tryed severel times look at merchant and he only had low damage weapons. I am running a dual pistol build. Might be that a bow do more damage but its so damn slow to use. I tryed switch between bow and pistol, and always ended going back to pistol. The higer attack speed makes up for the lower damage of the pistols. If attack speed actual made a different i would use a bow. But ended up remove all my points from attack speed since it didnt make much different, it felt like waste of points tbh.
The sum of this is that after completing act 1 im sort of tired of the slow killing, it felt like it took forever to get through act 1, and in the current state where I hit a huge difficulty increase in act 2 I dont feel like moving on. So I skip the game here and hope it will work out at some point. Also just not in the mood for doing all story again since i have done that plenty of times. We shouldnt start this bloodtrail by doing story. I think we should be able to start where we want if it is story or end game thing.

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I think ferocity builds are still the bests for early game, but you can combine it with a little Wisdom for ailments too.
As for weapons, pistol+dagger combo is a good way to increase your damage until you find better guns.
Passives: Soldier-The Wild Card, Assassin-Merciless Lethality, Cabalist-Immortal Offering, Ranger - all 3 large nodes + Meditative Focus are some of the bests to start out, then Exorcist-Academic Fieldwork and Blessed Silver, or White Arrow-Acute Tracking and the other 2 are good targets for later.
Ranger-Safe from Afar and Come What May, and White Arrow-Hungry Stalactie and Wintry Hail synergize very well, and they work best with projectile Skills that have Pierce, since the projectiles can go even further thanks to the extra pierce and bounce.
Mark of Impurity and Wailing Arrows are good for melting down bigger enemies.

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This time i went for a full Basic Attack dual pistol build, all point into agility and maxed out attack speed. Story never felt so damn easy. The buff on pugilist's momentum is really huge for the early game, but even with pierce + bounce, it fall off quite a lot on exploration around lv 100+

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