Pacified Aurora Knight

I put this in "Quality of Life," but I guess it might be more suitable to this section:

Look, I get it. You want to toss out an interesting and challenging fight. The problem here is that he is nigh unkillable unless you bring a crapton of DPS and some of us simply cannot do it, at least not solo, which is how I play. It really sucks to get to the end of a three segment Expedition that was going rather well and then have to face this guy. You get him down to maybe 70% and then his minions heal him right back up. If you try to kill them, he just keeps respawning them... endlessly.

At least make it a fair fight by putting a cap on the number of times he will summon them, say four adds total. That way, we get challenged a bit, but we have a fighting chance to not waste 90 MINUTES OF OUR TIME trying to bump our level cap up by three while also trying to loot, sort loot, keep what's good, toss what's bad, and vend it all at the end of each segment.

A good guide would be Diablo 3, where you can get in and out in 10-15 minutes and feel like you've made an iota of progress. You don't have to set aside an entire evening to bump to the next tier because of failing the first, very long attempt. Now I have to invest another 90 minutes and HOPE I don't get him again in any of the three segments.

Please work on tuning this down a bit. It's not fun and fun is why I play.

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I agree 100%!!!! The guy is beyond difficult to kill solo. Which is all I play. Not only is he healed up faster than I can put his minions down, the entire floor is covered in ice and fire so you cannot even walk without being slowed to a crawl or burned to death. I've stopped going to the 3rd level of an expedition because of this. I clear two just fine but that third one destroys me!

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I thought about it and realized that I could try to stunlock him and any other mob type that tries to heal... sort of the WoW Rogue trick. I stumbled upon the idea when faced with a specialist mob (or whatever type of mob is the red skull) that kept healing. Frustrated, I abandoned him and went to clear other mobs. I remembered the WoW trick and put Winter's Grasp on my bar, made sure it had the longest uptime and the shortest cooldown (I have two of the CDR passives, which helps). I went back and successfully killed the specialist, but I had to make sure to hit Winter's Grasp the instant it came up by spamming it a few times right before as my cooldown was just barely enough to cast it as the debuff ended. Sure enough, the specialist only got off one heal as he was frozen almost the entire time. It did nerf my DPS a bit to do this, but some DPS is better than effectively no DPS. Then, as luck would have it, I got the Knight at the end. I did the same trick and it worked.

I am using a three-pet build, with one tanking LIver Mortis and two duplicated versions, both set to do ranged DPS. They are buffed to be nigh unkillable and a significant portion of damage I take is redirected to the three of them via active skill points on the spells. I group up and debuff enemies with Anomaly, normally DoT them up with Plagueburst (which I swapped out to Winter's Night for those two NPCs) then I use Wrath of Baäpheth to both do significant AoE damage as well as convert rage back into Willpower. I am running with a dagger and a catalyst. I have prioritized crit (all points into Ferocity), block/block chance, resistances, and transfer time reduction to offset the negative effects of the catalyst.

Here is basically what I am running for passives, at least the first 68 points or so, as close as I can remember it as I am not in the game right now:

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yeah i suggest ruducing the number of energy balls he throws out ward, in addition to definitely making it so that only he can heal himself. his allies healing him when he has the Unstoppable+Tough+ Regeneration modifiers makes him literally invincible.

the poster above is right. you are able to stun lock and kill him with heavy CC skills with relative ease. i use Anomaly with the multi pull mod, but if hes got the Unstoppable mod, better hope Jesus is holding your beer.

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