So playerbase dropped on patch notes what...

So i was looking at the player base count to see if the count went up when they did a patch but it dropped around 1-3k low peak and high peak hours.

Like i said once before the devs are focusing soo much on the bugs and trying to fix it that people just gave up on the game.
The increase damage on some active skills was really wack in my personal opinion because some of the skills in the skills tress dont work properly and Ailment damage is still a thing so it doesnt really give a wide view of going different builds.

Did i mention wtf happen to my damage i was hitting 350k crit now im hitting 250k.

Also the server are still laggy started an expedition and i just blinked and died. The bosses are more harder idk if it was ever that way but im getting more one shotted more often at the boss. Plus you plan to make a league thing yeah... with the current player count yikes.

You need more enemies in the game in expedition because its pretty wack killing a small pack and having to find another pack somewhere else. It should just be packs of monster after packs, not kill one pack walk around the map for 20-30 sec looking for the next pack.

I think the new patch made some things worst than it was already because server feel worst than what it was originally damage feels weaker and you get more one shotted often than you should during an elite pack or boss.

Heads up Player count when patch came out was 3.3-9.4k before the patch it was 3.7-10.1k. If you look at the one month steam player count to now you see the scale of player count dropping it only increased during the patch.

When you tell your consumer its a full release and it has more bugs than any game known to man especially the right click left click.
The game died when the new league of D3 and Poe started and when Cod Warzone came out it went down faster.
These are my opinion on this game and the statistics on steam player count. Remember people when you want to start a company you are nothing without consumers.


Just a heads up they have a site on what they want to fix and implement on the next patch so if you want them to fix certain stuff you experience a lot on the game itself well yeah.

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OMG Wall of Text

Tried to read it but gave up, try using sentence structure and paragraphs.

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