Ameliorations ideas from a new player

Here are some ideas or ameliorations. Hope it'will be useful!

  1. Primordial affinity isn't clear at the beginning of the game, resell the badges to obtain affinity needs time to be understood ... maybe i'm a noob ;)
  2. two handed weapons isn't clear. We don't know if a sword needs one or two hands ... add an info?
  3. Sometimes, in order to destroy elements from the background, the player must be exactly in front of it, can't be destroy if you come from aside.
  4. when we sell items to the seller, it's difficult to see all the items because there is a 'zoom out' that hide the object. Tip: when using alt or shift, avoid this zoom?!
  5. sometimes we've got icons above the head, it's clearly an effect from an spell of an enemy but we don't know how it affects our character!
  6. when "alt" is pressed it's hard to recognize simple object (useless) and potions (useful), both are display in the same white color
  7. it could be great to be able to configure the "alt" key in order to display only objects of a certain quality (at least gold for example)
  8. no hidden places with hidden treasures (or hidden quests) ... it's so cool to find ! :)
  9. no possibility to expand our bag or obtain more space to carry objects? Maybe later in further chapters?!

This game is really awesome, nice work guys!

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Created: 1 month ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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