Create Wolcen Studio VIP player status - Check more info on topic

To gain access to VIP Wolcen Studio status the user need to gift at least 3 copies of basic wolcen game for friends.

It's a way to give something back for those players wanna to gift wolcen for friends and to reward them support.

It's a program to reward wolcen players which support more actively wolcen. This program it's just one idea you guys can make it other way ;

- Gift one copy - player has right for a nice exclusive full skin pack from warrior / mage / arch (must pick one - this skin the character stand, walks differently).
  • Gift two copies - players has right to suggest one special pink affix, and one customized item with all affix they want which already exist to be created to public to be dropped. Wolcen studio will check possibility and create this item on a way will no cause unbalance same if they have to nerf a little the item.

  • Gift three copies - players has right to suggest one QoL to be implanted on the future. Player earn a wolcen studio t-shirt skin on game. And to compete for one spot to visit Wolcen studio for 2 days with all payed. (QoL example player suggest a new whole circle of wheel to be unlocked by running expeditions on the new city - this new wheel of fate whole new circle its not earned points by level it earn points by running expeditions missions on the new map from the second main city).

Why this ? When wolcen league releases players will get estimulated to gift 1-3 copies for their friends. And this way they are helping wolcen studio to keep the good working releasing more update or hiring more people to increase dev team.

Note: That is not retroactive. If player already gifted 10-20 copies for friends they will no count. The count will start from the moment Wolcen place a note about this player support program estimulate.

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Created: 2 weeks ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

Definitely an interesting idea for a incentive based program.

Created: 2 weeks ago

Just do a 3. Days free for all to play - full features of the Game Demo, before you start up the first League with new Content.

Maybe your chance is to get 50.000 less to play Wolcen and circa 30% + Players that want more and take a sell. The can play their heroes further and can read your announce about come content. Also they all will see and write about that there are no more important bug nerving.

You are welcome.

Created: 1 week, 5 days ago

Today my friend told same thing for me after i said him "hey u are a great gifter have you ever gifted wolcen?" he answered:

"Hey Fabi i have 4 friends on steam with wolcen on their wishlist i could gift for them if there was some reward back cuz i dont know them personally. Met them playing cs."

Created: 1 week, 1 day ago

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