Spell Caster, main handed weapon?

I can't seem to find a spell casters 1 handed main hand weapon. What I mean by this is a 1 hander that increases damage to spells. I see only weapon damage, but not spell damage. I see the offhand item, but what main hand item goes with it?

I think we may need to add wants into the game for this purpose. Not as powerful as the staffs but have some stats on them that benefit the casters.

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there are no 1 handed staff's i want em aswell

Created: 3 years, 3 months ago

I think adding a wand to the game would help with this spot.

Created: 3 years, 3 months ago

Agreed I have not found a one-handed mage wand/weapon yet and doubt there is one in-game. It seems the off-hand mage item is for melee/ranged characters to use so they can have spell casting abilities. If you're a pure mage specialization though, the 2-handed staff is the only weapon option. Unless the intent is to allow mages to wield a melee weapon allowing for melee skills in addition to their main spell-casting abilities.

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Yeah I would love to have sth like a wand and a shield in combination!

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There are none today

Caster weapon slots used today.
- 2hd staff
- offhand catalyst

The offhand catalyst allows for hybrid caster builds.. but is more limiting then the ranger/melee hybrid builds. Agree caster hybrid needs some redesign love.

I personally like the idea of a wand. It sounds like the correct solution for caster hybrid builds
- wand/shield
- wand/melee (sword, dagger, etc) builds willpower at range, and rage in melee.
- wand/gun ...this wouldn't work. conflicting builders with ranged attacks.

Note: ranged/shield hybird = shotgun effect. which is basicly a short ranged cleave, like a sword. But you can use gun abilities. Perhaps wand/shield should do the same but allow for some spell abilities. like having a Lightsaber mageblade. Sword effect that builds willpower instead of rage.

Of course this addition of a wand would make the current catalyst design near obsolete. Hmmm..maybe make the catalyst come with a random mage version of a shield. example: 10% chance to reflect 30% damage from element attacks/spells...or some other cool effect that will make people want to equip it instead of a wand. ooooh, maybe cost reduction on rage/willpower abilities.

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Main hand caster item is definitely needed. I would like a few options. Perhaps a wand and a scepter. Mostly for looks...I don't want my hybrid paladin whacking away at mobs with a wand :D

No matter what the skin is, I support the idea. This also falls along the lines of making DW more viable, in this case your DW caster items, even though they're different item "types". they may be locked to a hand, but they're both caster 1h weapons.

The only challenge I see with this is that the catalyst right now has stats that benefit and push you towards using both melee and caster type skills. this would be a detriment to a full caster using both...they'd probably need to add some hidden bonus to DW caster that negates this current "caster penalty", something that works in the same way that you get a speed increase with dual pistol/knife.

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Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

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