Gate of Fate / Unique items suggestion

Greetings everyone. I've made this suggestion a few months ago, back when Wolcen just released. At that time everybody were still focusing on bugs. And I have been away from the game for awhile. Now I see the upcoming update on steam with balancing and rework a lot of things... so I think this is a suitable time to give suggestions. I've since forgot a lot of ideas and thought process I had on this subject, but I will post this nonetheless.

Wolcen has some unique elements and I think it has potential to compete with well established IP like Diablo, Grim Dawn, PoE,... Here're some suggestion I have. First is the unique items. At the time I made this suggestion few months ago, the unique items aren't very interesting. Some are just normal effects. Some are worse than the yellow rarity items because they can't have socket. Second is the Gate of Fate, in which Wolcen's potential and uniqueness truly resides.

Gate of Fate skills/ Unique items effects suggestion:

- Basic staff attacks have 100% chance to duplicate itself into 2 projectiles, dealing 100% damage each. They also have 50% chance to duplicate into another 2 projectiles, dealing 50% damage each. Duplicated projectiles will attack original target if there are no other enemies around within 10m.
- You can cast a skill an additional time before it go on cooldown without any cost.
- +10% damage and 5% resistance for every active summon.
- 2% damage deal by summons will recover your health.
- +15% chance on attack to cast a random skill you know at the cursor position. Skills that have higher number of activated modifiers will have higher chance to cast.
- Immune to shock damage. 2% of shock damage taken will convert to force shield. Apply shock ailment stacks on enemies will also apply the same number of stack on yourself.
- Each ailment stack you cause on a target grant 0.5% bonus damage as damage type of the attack causing it.
- Grant you the reversed effect (benefit) whenever you cause an occult status on an enemy. Capped at your maximum ailment stacks. Occult status effect is double. (2% damage everytime an enemy is affected by sacred up to 60% at 30 stacks)

- Projectile attacks will seek the nearest enemy within 2m of their trajectory.
- Replace Avenger turrets with drones that can follow you and attack enemies. Drones will charge to target and explode when their duration run out. When using as a weapon, the drone will fire a single laser beam capable of piercing all enemies, dealing damage base on the duration of the skill (60% damage per 1 second skill duration). Only usable once per skill cooldown.
- Enemies within 6m will be knocked back when hit by projectile attacks. The closer they are, the stronger effect become. +35% projectiles damage when attacking enemies in this range.
- +15% chance on basic projectile attacks to split into multiple copy of the same projectile after they hit an enemy.
- You can move at 50% speed while using range abilities (WASD movement)

- Whenever you use a basic attack, your shadows (evasion, tether shade, aether jump,..) will also mimic that attack at the same target. Shadows will dash to target if using melee attack.
- Remove cooldown and +2m range to dash attack. Restore 1 stamina point whenever you use a dash attack. Teleport to target when using dash attack (Slayer's fury)
- Grant invisibility and increase movement speed 50% if there is no enemy within 4m. Break effect when attack/using skill or if an enemy enter the area of effect. Take 5s before invisibility trigger again.
- +2m range to dodge and reduce 1 second cooldown of all skills each time you dodge.

- Reduce resource consuming time of all skills to zero. Willpower and rage will transfer instantly.
- Your default willpower and rage will equal to each other at the ratio 50:50. Each missing willpower increase attack damage 0.05%. Each missing rage increase spell damage 0.05%
- Reduce 50% time required for skills/spells that have charging/ delay time.
- 100% increase chance and duration to crowd control effect (freeze, slow, statis, stun, frenzy,..)
- If critical chance > status chance, 50% of critical chance value will be added to status chance. If status chance > critical chance, 50% of status chance value will be added to critical chance.
- Critical hit ignore 40% of target resistance.
- Increase 2% speed for each enemies kill. Last for 5s before starting to decrease 4% per second until you kill another enemy. Capped at 60%.
- Grant 0.5% damage for each 1% movement speed increase.

- Attack deal more damage than your remaining health will leave you with 1% hp instead and granting 1s invulnerable. Effect cooldown 120s.
- Grant 1% all resistance for each 1% missing health.
- 1% enemy HP will transfer to you when you kill that enemy.
- Basic melee attacks have +3m range and hit all target in a cone in front of you.

- +15% status chance, 15% block chance and 50% attack speed when dual wielding. +15% critical chance, 10% dodge chance and 30% movement speed when using only one weapon.
- Grant 6m aura around you. Anyone inside this area will be silenced, prevent them from casting abilities including you.
- Basic attack strikes twice at every 4th attack. If the attack is a critical hit, critical damage will be double.
- Attack has 15% chance to cause Hemorrhage, causing target to lose 2% current HP/s for 3s (current HP x 0.98^3). Duration will reset if causing another Hemorrhage. Can only have one instance at a time.

- Grant sockets on this item. Gem effects on this item will be increase 100%.
- Each enemy killed drop gold equal to your level. x5 for specialist/x10 for champion/x30 for boss.
- Grant access to a certain passive skills (insert passive).
- Grant access to unique skill only when equip this item ( insert new skill/spell).
- All equipped skills have +1 modifier point. (11)
- 10% chance on attack to spawn underling enemies around target whenever you attack a specialist/champion/boss enemy. Does not work on DoT effects.
- Each enemy kill while in Apocalypse form will restore 3% maximum Primodial essence. 6% for specialist, 12% for champion.
- Grant 0.001% damage increase for each enemy killed while equip this weapon. At 5000 kills, the weapon has +5% critical chance. At 10000 kills, it has +10% status chance. At 25000 kills, attack with this weapon ignore 25% resistance. At 50000 kills, the weapon will transform to its final form, +3m range to melee attacks and causing explosion dealing 120% weapon damage as shadow on critical hit.
- Effect on this item is 1% stronger for each enemies level you unlocked (187)

Gate of Fate skill system:
Add more depth and increase complexity to the passive tree by utilize the rotating feature of the rings to increase diversity.

- Invest 6 or more passive nodes in one class will give 1 ability point, up to a maximum of 10 points. Ability point can be used to link two classes with each other, creating a combine effect between two classes.
- Can only link if 6 chosen nodes on X class when connected with 6 chosen nodes on Y class can form a continuous line (in picture: yellow line show linkable classes. Red line show unlinkable classes)
- A tier 2 class when linked with a tier 1 class and a tier 3 class will create the combine effect of all three classes.
- Can not link classes on the same ring with each other.
- Have a total of 3 x 6 x 12 = 216 combine effects.

(1) + (2):
Scholar + Ranger: projectile spells explode when come into contact with the enemies. Explosion radius and damage base on distance between character and the target. The further the distance, the higher damage and radius.

Soldier + Ranger: each piercing count increase projectiles critical chance by 10%.

(2) + (3):
Ranger + White arrow: projectiles will return to damage original target one more time after their piercing/bouncing count reach limit or if there are no other targets around.

Ranger + Abyssal shaper: Apply occult ailment stacks of the original target to other targets who also being hit by the same projectile.

(1) + (2) + (3):
Scholar + Ranger + White arrow: projectile spells will bounce off after they hit an enemy, hit additional targets depend on your bouncing count and return to the first target if there are no enemies around/ bouncing count reach limit.

Scholar + Ranger + Abyssal shaper: explosion radius of projectile spells will be double when hit an enemy under occult status effect and increase damage by 2% for each occult ailment stack on the target, capped at 60%.

(1) + (2) + (3):
Soldier + Ranger + White arrow: in addition to each piercing count increase projectiles critical chance by 10%, each bouncing count increase status chance 10%. Target being hit by the same projectile twice will take 30% increase critical damage and double additional ailment stacks from that second hit.

Soldier + Ranger + Abyssal shaper: in addition to each piercing count increase projectiles critical chance by 10%, each occult ailment stack on the target increase critical damage taken from projectiles by 2% capped at 60%.

With the new Gate of Fate system (that no other game has done yet), I think it'll open a lot more build diversity, without the need of adding thousands of nodes like PoE or Constellation system in Grim Dawn. And every time you rotate one rings, all of those effects will change. The drawback of this system is it hard to implement and even harder to balance, but if you manage to do it, it'll have a lot of replayability and everyone can try experimenting a unique build for themself instead of trying to pass the inner rings quickly while taking as many outer ring skills as possible.
As right now the rings just like a gimmick that people have to pass in order to find the most efficient way to their desired skills on the 3rd ring, while trying to get the most benefit out of the inner rings (most are additive bonus that pale in comparison to stats you can get from attributes). It's a system that revolve around efficiency, not diversity. (Because the skill effects are the same no matter what rotation it has, it just a matter of what stats are needed)

Best wishes to all of the people who are working on this project. You have made a unique game. It has flaws, but a fantastic game nonetheless. Don't let your firstborn game be forgotten and prove to the people who always ridicule you how great this game can be.

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Created: 3 years, 11 months ago

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Hi Kayne!

We are aware uniques as they are right now might not feel satisfying enough to most players, and we indeed plan on changing them up in the future. Regarding the Gate of Fate, it is indeed a very important mechanic that we plan on improving over-time.

Thank you very much for these detailed suggestions, they are interesting for sure! I forwarded them to our balancing team! :)

Created: 3 years, 11 months ago

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