Oracle of trinity - Elemental destabilization


So I tried to build a 50/50 toughness/wisdom mage to try and make use of the elementary destabilization node in conjunction with the masochistic effigy node (double shield). My idea was to run into packs and blow myself and the enemies up while also regenerating willpower.

BUT ... elementary destabilization feels soooooooo underwhelming. Its visual effect is unnoticeable, its aoe is way too small, it nearly never procs and, most of all, it deals literally no damage. I have over 13k shield at lvl 40 and it deals less damage than a staff basic attack ?????
Maybe it is bugged and still takes my health into account to deal damage ?

Still, many nodes like this one (omnitempest as well) could use a huge buff as well as clear figures and proc percent values (no more "you have a chance to proc an explosion based off your max force shield").

What are you thoughts on that ?

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Created: 3 years, 6 months ago

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I tried it, noticed is was really underwhelming and I re-spec'd.
The entire "Oracle of trinity" spec is close to being a joke because it requires so many points for low increase in damage.

Omnitempest % are low and has 2s cooldown on each proc... Which is bad, the augmented node next to it only improve the % from a small amount too.
It's still has a higher proc chance than the Elemental Destabilization but it's still pretty poor.

I only find the "Ancient fervor" kind of useful but I'd increase the effect of each.

I mean there are the biggest node in the last circle, the effects should be much more especially when you compare it to other branches.

Created: 3 years, 6 months ago

I kept spamming skills at 10-15% wp over 3-5 min w/o triggering elementary destabilization at all, only 3 times got exlosion between 20-40 seconds, spent 30 min. testing, its joke passive or maybe not working properly with minion skill.

Created: 3 years, 6 months ago

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