a couple of ideas to improve Wolcen.

Hello, first i would like to say that i find the story so far really well thought out and the gameplay is good but not enough.

i understand that you guys want to focus the game around rage/ willpower transfer.

There is one massive issue thought. When making a hybrid build that can both cast rage based spells and magick based spells..The character become quite quickly over powered.

Ive played a pure warrior / a pure mage and a pure ranger..
Mage is the only character that have a big issue with the willpower / rage meter. (being that that staves attack fill the willpower too slowly and infectivly compared to other builds basic attacks.) (staves should be able to channel melle based spells.) (to make basic staves attack more effective, blend ranged and close combat together.) (inspire yourself of a game that really did it well on the combat dynamics, kingdom of Amalur, God i love the combat mechanics of that game, so simple and so well done.) (faster melle combat attack chains and slower ranged chains.)

first i would suggest to make a drastic difference between staves and catalysts crystals. as for now skills refresh / cast and power is the same on catalyst crystals as with staves. There is absolutly no reason to use a staff as of now. (staves should primarly act as 2 handed catalyst crystals increasing the power of spells on the same maner that melle spells are affected by 2 hand weapon vs 1 hand weapons.)

a catalyst crystal is theoricaly the part of a mage staff that allow the mage to channel mystical energies, without the staff, this require a very potent mystic to keep the energy channeled effectivly and accuratly.

A staff however depending on it's material and it's shape can either Amplify the channeling potential or simply Stock energy in to reduce cast delay over a period of time . Generator vs battery models. Generator models are more for those that cast simple spells like fireballs and lightning bolts.
Battery models are more for those summoning creatures or spirits or and for buffs or enchancements spells. Those staves greatly reduce the negative effect of energy drain mainting enchancments and summons have on their own body.

there is no way to make a generator staff with battery staff structure.. It's simply impossible.
However you can make a shorter staff called a wand. That can be used as fast amp for projectiles skills, (can not be charged) and hold a specially crafted sheild for battle mages that hold a catalyst crystal in it's center. (those sheild are short staves made in a very specific manner to TRANSFORM energy to charge the willpower of the mage. it will only work when being struck by elemental attacks or occult attacks)

offensive mage can dual weild 2 wands. or 1 wand with a off hand catlyst crystal. (the wand / catalyst crystal combo, allows the caster to more agresivly chain spells that affect large area. (all spells have reduce damage on this combo but have a greatly increased chance to trigger aliments effects and also maintaining those aliments longer.)

Amp staves are the only mage weapons that can effectivly and rapidly charge skills. to either completly transform the projectile skills into area of effect spells or throwing massive barrage of smaller projectile at shorter distance.
nova spells can be quickly charged to make an earthquake effect to make small enemies lose ballance and larger enemies slower while maintaining the basic elements of the nova sprouts from beneath the cracks on the floor.

A fire nova would transform into a fissure that would deal lower fire damage but very persistent fire burning effect.
A ice nova would transform into solid spikes of ice piercing thru the floor and raming your foes with increased piercing damage and reduced frost damage.
(can also be used to hold enemies on a prison of ice spikes for a short time.)
a electric nova would surge a MASSIVE bolt of lighting.
beam skills would simply have greatly reduced energy consumption compared to normal use with a catalyst crystal.

on to meteor rain skills. there was a game i remember on ps2. Champions of Norrath, Which i never seen another game handle metor rain skills in the same manner.
Imagine simply a focused tight circle with a massive rain of burning rocks falling really fast on a period of 2 seconds. (that could be a charged variant of the tear of ethriel) (reduce cold damage and increased physical damage with high chance of stuning enemies,)

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