A simple few ideas and the things that i liked so far.

Things that i liked;

  • The different visuals of each armor piece is represented quite good. You can immediately feel the visual change to your character rather than pieces being just a numerical change.

  • Each skill has weight behind it, whether it being a support skill or offense it felt impactful.

  • Passive skill tree since the beginning is the reason why i contributed by buying the game in early alpha stage. To this date it still feels fresh and unique and it is a welcomed change.

  • Active skills and each of them being individually leveled up to give access to runes to modify existing skills is really nice and adding to the progression.

  • Enchantments being visually and numerically visible. I like that, it adds further to the progression.

  • Combat feels rewarding and flashy. (Specially enjoyed freezing everything and dropping an ice comet to clear the hordes of trash mobs)

  • Boss fights are engaging.

Things that i would like to see improved upon and added;

  • I remember the game had a character creation system back in early days, i don't know if it taken out completely or being redone but i would very much like to see it back if possible. Or at least give the player option to choose between 2 presets those choices being, either current playable character or the Valerie.

  • Some of the skills have connection issues the worst offender being the Annihilation skill.

  • The last boss in the story line Act 1 Edric at his last stage, there are too many AoE skills that you need to avoid it actually might do some good if it get toned down a little.

  • For the new versions of the game in the future, might i suggest to give everyone a fully leveled character with some unique gear to test. This will make it a lot easier to test which builds needs to be tweaked. Also it makes testing in general a lot easier.

  • A better explanation or a tool tip for each passive node, as of now there are too many critical modifiers some global and some not and there is no telling which one does modify what exactly.

  • As far as crafting goes, what i would like to see a Gem crafter, where you can strengthen same low level gems together to create powerful versions.

  • Some of the enemy CC animations are not telling. More than most of the time found my character unable to move or dodge an attack because i was frozen without a sound or visual queue.

  • Elites and Champions trough out the dungeons feels like a bigger version of the trash mobs with huge health pools. If you guys give them unique abilities that they can use against players it might feel better.

In Conclusion

I liked how the game evolved. The play style is neat. Story, at least the Act 1 is good. Voice acting is great. And general world and sound design is phenomenal. Looking forward for the next big update. Until then take care.

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Created: 4 months, 2 weeks ago

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character creation will be added with full release and in the next beta update wich also contains, female character. beta update as announced will be end of this month or begin next month. (i have been waiting for 4 months now it feels like 2 years)
yes they are aware that some skills are bugged and not fully working as intended.

I also would like to see some kind off sandbox mode after you clear act 1, wich you can use to test builds skills and weapons. psst unique isnt always better, there is also legendary (red) wich has very high stats)

I also noticed the sound and cc from monsters missing or as you said not telling.

crafting is also something the developers are working on

Created: 4 months, 1 week ago

Thank you very much for taking the time to share these feedback archon430 :)

Created: 4 months, 1 week ago

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