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Tried Wolcen again after several months and here are my thoughts

The graphics look nice
Some fights are interesting
Story is ok
There is potential

The stats and build points are unintuitive. I have no clue what everything does and the game does not do a good job pointing how systems work.
The character sheet is awful, too much information and you get no clue what is relevant
There is no builder to make a build
Portals are too far away and you have to backtrack too much after dying in boss fights. I stopped after lvl 18, because second wind was not working and it was too much time to go back to bosses after dying.
Is there any difference between starting classes?
Melee feels clunky and underpowered compared to spells
Itemization is boring and getting new gear with worst stats is never good.

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Created: 7 months, 3 weeks ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

there is no difference in starting classes, Except wielding a melee will give a dash bonus when you are about to fight.
If you manage to reach level 20 you will notice that ranged pistol and bow thanks to there abilties are overpowerd (turret) and pistol tanky has always been solid to for a long time, remember the game is class less, you can take everything you want.
when you play solo dodging is important many times you wont have enhough time to just burst and deal damage

Created: 7 months, 3 weeks ago

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