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While playing (ranger) I've noted down some thoughts. Now that I planned on posting it, I noticed there are separate thread-categories for each. It feels a bit excessive to post 5-6 posts at once, but if you want me to split it up, please let me know and I shall happily do so.
I've played through Act 1 and reached +6 in the Expeditions, and here are my thoughts so far.

=== ACTIVE SKILLS === * Stings of Krearion doesn't seem to be worth using with that casting time vs damage output. * Naming conventions of abilties could be simplified. It feels like you're trying to differentiate by taking overly complicated names to avoid using some that other games haven't used. * Gunslinger's Brand could use a tooltip update to explain usage, as others have mentioned. * Mark of Impurity could show exactly how much extra damage is taken. In general I think that some/a lot of ability tooltips could use a loving hand. But it is a beta after all. * Damage on Havoc Orb might be a bit high, it seems to mutilate enemies more than other abilties.

=== ITEMS === * Item level doesn't seem to do anything, stats seem completely random. Perhaps showing min/max values would help or make a clear difference in values based on item level. * White stat values on items seem obsolete, e.g. always giving very low amounts on high level items. * Cursed chest items don't scale in level, they're always level 20. * Gems with random stats is a nifty idea, but maybe they could be less random. So Offensive, Defensive and Support are always lowest/low/medium/high/highest, instead of Offensive being high and the others low for example. It would just be easier to sort gems and find which ones to keep. Maybe add a quality rating to them, based on how good their stats are overall. * The "Masterwork" prefix doesn't have an apparent effect, but I probably missed it. Stats don't seem higher but maybe it has more properties? * Haven't seen any Masterwork weapons, but maybe that's a work in progress.

=== QUALITY OF LIFE === * Stat comparison on items, although I expect you're already working on this. * 'Smart stats' to whatever degree you wish. So e.g. Rogue items have less chance of spell damage for instance. * Shrine buffs should display an icon or at very least a unique animation. I have no idea what effect I have on or for how long. A buff icon and a time would go a long way. * Display amount of respawns left in an Expedition dungeon, so you know how screwed you are :) * Math in calculations could be more transparent, percentages to Crit, Resists etc. seem pointless. I know it's probably percentages of percentages with diminishing returns, but I have no idea what "10% crit chance" does, although it should be obvious. * The otherwise fancy Willpower/Rage system feels obsolete now that you can't use spells to spend Willpower, because you're not wearing a staff and vice versa. * Is Ailment Chance Scores/Resist Scores necessary? Couldn't it just display the actual percentage? That's what really matters in the overview. If needed the chance score could be in the hover-tooltip, or maybe display the convert ratio. * Magic Find is always a tricky stat. Legendaries and Uniques shouldn't fall from the sky, but maybe also have MF limit the amount of white and blue items found. Perhaps like on 150% MF you can't find white items, etc.

=== ENEMIES === * Tormentor might have an overpowered attack. I've died a few times to them with no explanation or visible animation. Don't know what attack or spell it was.

=== ENVIRONMENT === * Pillars in caves and trees in the jungle often block your character. Either make them invisible earlier or make enemies have a highlighted aura.

=== BUG REPORTS === * Item comparison doesn't show when hovering some rewards. * Some gold land on rocks in the forest, and can't be reached. * A certain destructible barrel is offset and can't be hit unless you're really trying. It's a half-broke barrel lying on its side. * One of the NPC's bantering in the Palace was in his 'T-pose' once. He's been fine the other times. He's the lower-left of the two standing near the entrance.

When trying to differentiate yourself in the ARPG genre it's hard to come up with new ideas that are captivating and solid. I must say that you have a lot of good ideas, so just to end on a happy note I wanted to add that. Just to name a few I love the rotating Gate of Fates (as many have said before me), the 'ambush mechanics' in the dungeons are brilliant (although lethal on multiple occasions) and the dodge rolls and whole combat feel is great. Nicely designed enemies, good combat abilities and great graphics.
There you have it, hope it's useful :)

EDIT: I can't for the life of me get new lines to appear correctly, so it looks a bit jumbled up. My apologies. Asterisk was supposed to be the start of each new point.

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Thank you for this very detailed feedback Baltazhar, it's really helpful :) And thank you for these kind words as well!

I'm going to answer to a few points. Overall, there are a lot of improvements planned on everything you mentioned over time and the bugs you report are known, but I'd like to be a bit more specific on some of the points you've raised, for which we already planned improvements for the release of the game.

Item level doesn't seem to do anything
We plan on removing it if it doesn't affect the rolls on the items. For the moment, it has no reason to be displayed.

Cursed chest items don't scale in level, they're always level 20.
Yes, it currently takes the player's level like any chest, not the area's level. Unsure if this is going to be changed for the release but that's something we're aware of :)

Gems with random stats is a nifty idea, but maybe they could be less random.
They will have fixed values at the release of the game.

The "Masterwork" prefix doesn't have an apparent effect
It's not a prefix, it's a new tier of armor/weapon, so it should allow you higher rolls on it ;)

Shrine buffs should display an icon or at very least a unique animation.

Magic Find is always a tricky stat.
The way it works will be different at the release as well.

Tormentor might have an overpowered attack
That's most likely his staff hitting the ground, there is some anticipation on this attack and a marker on the ground, so you should be able to avoid it. Know that all creatures speed and patterns are currently being reviewed though, so that should feel a lot better at the release of the game.

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Do the shrine effects last any signifigant amount of time? I usually skip them. They seem to last like 10-15 seconds which is not worth the effort.

Also could you add a toggle for showing items on the ground. I like to play with just my mouse and hitting alt or scanning the ground gets tedious.

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Thanks for clearing up those points Calistaen!
I know it's a work in progress (hence the beta status), but I'd thought I write everything down just in case.

Just to add to the Masterwork part of it, I can confirm what your saying. Not that I didn't believe you, I apparently hadn't noticed. The Winged Helm for instance, which I found a few of for comparison. Masterwork has a slightly different inventory icon and the white Force Shield stat is 122 where as the non-Masterwork only has 107. So far so good.
Normal: 17% Elemental Resist, 24% Health Regen, 3-4 blue stats in total.
Masterwork: 10% Elemental Resist, 18% Health Regen, 3-4 blue stats in total.
Now I reckon that e.g. Elemental Resist probably could roll 10-40% on Masterwork and only 10-30% on the normal, but I think the overlap should be less. Like 10-30% normal and 20-40% on Masterwork.

This is just an example and I know that seeing as level 90 is the maximum level, no one will bother checking stats on low level gear. But in general I think it would be a good rule of thumb not just increasing the maximum roll, but also increasing the minimum a bit as well.

The do not last a signifigan amount of time current. I think it's like 30 or 60 seconds. You don't feel the power unless it's the movement speed one, but they do disappear quite quickly. Skipping them is not the worst idea to be honest.

A toggle for ground items would be nice as a quality of life addition. I do think it's on the "nice to have" and not the "need to have", but it should be on the to-do list :)

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Hello there !

I very much agree with OP !
I've enjoyed the new content patch, the whole act 1 story and the leveling thus far!
You brought up just the points that I had in mind!
However I'd like to add two points to that list in QoL !

  1. Since there is a third wheel that is turnable but not yet populated in the passive skill tree, I presume quite a couple of points are missing. I would really love to see a search function for that so that you can search e.g "movement speed" and all the points that modify movement speed would be highlighted.

  2. When looking at the detailed character stats pane, I realized that if you hover over a resistance stat it will tell you a short description of the stat i.e "toxic resistance 6%" which is the same as what is shown on the stat line (the rating is converted). This gives me absolutely no information about the amount of damage mitigation that stat gives however, and it makes it very hard to judge if it's even worth investing in the stat. It would be better if the visible line says f.e "toxic resistance (rating)" and when you hover over it would say something like "reduces damage taken by toxic damage by (insert math here)%"


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