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Hello everyone,
I've gotten Wolcen way back when it was really early. I played through the "Demo" back then and dropped it due to lack of content. After seeing that a lot has changed since, i went back at it this weekend and i really felt the need to come here and be part of this community.
(English isn't my primary language, so forgive any errors...)

With that out of the way, i'd like to throw some random feedback out. I've now finished Act 1 once with a sorcerer and have done my first two levels of Challenges.

  • Coming from a Place where Diablo 2 is the gold standard for me, Diablo 3 not being what i wanted and PoE being somewhere in between, i'd like to express that i thoroughly enjoy this game. It looks great, has a great balance of complexity and acessability and feels a lot like the older arpg's that i love so much.
  • The Difficulty for the Campaign certainly is on the low end. But i think that's a good thing. It gave me the option to explore available skills and assign points without worrying too much about progression and focus on the story. Boss Fights where a tad challenging at times when i dove in head first, but being more conservative made the rather easy. Again, i consider this a good thing. Since there is more story to come, i'm looking forward to more challenging content.
  • I really like that you can reassign points at any time and change the specifications of your skills when ever you feel like it. This makes it really easy to try things out without a major investment. Not sure if this is planned for the passives as well, or if i just haven't found it yet.
  • Usefull items can be scarce. The Classless system means that drops aren't dependent on what type of character one plays. And drops seem to be heavily favored towards melee. In my entire Playthrough of Act 1 i found 6 staffs, 2 of which where meaningfull upgrades. Similar for other items. 99% of stuff isn't usefull and just picked up to generate money. Not because it's subjectively not what i'd want for my char, but because it's objectively worse or not usefull.
  • Stats aren't well explained. It's unclear what i'd want from items for my character. Health vs. Force Shield vs. Resistance isn't too clear, the same goes for many other things. This also led to me ignoring gems entirely.
  • On gems: It wasn't explained that you can get gems back out of your gear. I learned that after my playthrough when randomly talking to the merchant after looking for the Challenges. It's also not clear if lower tier gems can be combined later on. That, coupled with the fact that one doesn't get a good sense of what stats are needed/wanted led to me just not using gems at all.
  • I've not even touched Primordial Affinity in my playthrough as it just wasn't needed. Skills level fast enough on their own and at Level 20 i pretty much have the combinations i'd want anyways. I could further improve the skills, but more often than not, it would add functionality i don't want (casting certain things at mouse position rather than player position isn't strictly better).

Overall the current state is very promising. I like that a character is rather flexible in what it can become even in the late game. Picking something initially doesn't lock one in to being a sorcerer forever. The story so far does a good job of guiding the player, though can be a bit linear at times. Some side-quests or options would be nice. I'll dive deeper into the late-game content this week and see how this develops. I personally like that i can go into this game and have fun without needing to worry about every single option there is. But having more challenging options later certainly would be nice.

I know this is a lot and i don't expect feedback on anything. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the Devs and this game, while also giving some constructive feedback. I'm following closely and and hyped for what's to come.

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yes you can reset your passive aswell, for 2000 gold and the skill tree for 2000 affinity
keep in mind:
ranged: staff bow pistol catalyst
melee: dagger
2 handed sword
2 handed axe
and maybe 1 forgot 1 or 2 melee

as you can see there is a lot more melee weapons, so thats why a lot of drops are melee xD

Created: 7 months, 3 weeks ago

If you press C for your character window and then show details, the sections there will show you what classes as "material" "elemental" and "occult". There are 3 types of damage/resistance i each category. Material for example is physical, rend and toxic. Resistance wise this is physical, bleeding and poison resistance and vice versa for damages. If you mouse over the things in the details section it gives you lots of information, like what types of damage give added "natural" bonuses like shadow damage giving a natural chance to curse etc.

Created: 7 months, 3 weeks ago

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