A few months from the release, a dozen or so patches, and you still can't / do not want / cannot implement the visualization of currently owned buffs, you use the 3 lives system, which could even be if it wasn't for the fact that after using it it idiotically resets the whole instance so that you have to go through it again (but the treasure chest no longer resets) - it's nice to have your own ideas, but creating a portal option for a city present in your area, as in other H&S games, would not be a sin, and certainly everyone would like it. And at the end of the mini dungeons, there is still a board with prizes to choose from when hordes of enemies are flying around?
And I see that the problem is also designing the mini map so that it reveals itself as I go through it, and not all at once. I understand that I have to remember where I have already been.GG

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Created: 4 months, 3 weeks ago

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