Minor Quirks (bugs?) and QoL Suggestions

This may just be my experience or previously reported.
1) When I am using the shop, my character often attacks or moves when I click on the interface. This seems like a UI bug to me.
2) Personally, I strongly dislike the arrow showing my directional facing on the upper-right circular mini-map. Could there be an option to toggle its layout?
3) The skill tool-tips on the bar show only the base value/stats for the skills. When opening up the menu and clicking on any particular skill, there are detailed stats for the skill that take into account any current enhancements you have selected and the effect from items and passives (I believe those are all accounted for, have not specifically tested.) It is my humble opinion that I would much rather the skill tool-tips on the bar show the accurate current detailed statistics for the skill than whatever the skill's base stats are in summary.
4) When I launch Wolcen and create a new game, it usually takes 2-4 minutes to open and I have had issues where it seems like it just freezes up and the game does not open. The slow launch is a HUGE QoL issue for me that I hope will get resolved in future patch or at launch. Maybe it is a server issue, or maybe it has to do with my particular setup, I am not sure (I do not have gameplay issues once in game.

To offset my previous feedback (pointing out issues and bugs), I wanted to additionally note:
1) This game is beautiful. I love the graphics.

General Feedback:
1) I am not very far into the game yet, but I would like to see more skill options.
2) There are a lot of statistics I do not well understand the value of. I would like more detailed tool-tips on the character screen, or maybe an in-game glossary (that I am missing.) For example, I am playing a caster with a staff. But I have noticed that dual-wielding is another option (want + catalyst). However, I do not understand the value/purpose of the catalysts ability to reduce the transfer time reduction from WP to Rage. Maybe I just need to try out more low level characters to get a feel for the games basic concepts.

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