Multiplayer and other short comings

Hi devs.
-Could you please just give us an update on your multiplayer or matchmaking, whatever you wanna call it?

-Game phasing/flow, a lot of things feels really good and natural while playing, others... well.. dont, for instance them elite monsters ''dark souls'' i think they are called, is it really your intent to have them have a freeze ability that lasts somewhat 3 seconds? I mean come on, and to top that of, they make a deathray on you that you can escape :S I heard mentioned in another topic the skill ''sovereign shout'', some one please tell me why the animation takes sooo long on that one? And one more thing, we still cant go back to town while running expeditions to empty our inventory, i mean.. thats just..

-The life leech system, its an interesting idea with the whole regeneration pool and all. But it does not really work for me going into higher difficulties.
-Lastly, it sure is a solid and fun game for the genre, but some of these things just bothers me. Please adress it :)

Other than that keep up the good work guys :)

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Created: 8 months, 2 weeks ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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