My problem with Wolcen (time and barrier to respec)

I play the game since couple of weeks now and I definetly like the game itself (and the story is gorgeus)

However I've two main issue with the game:
1- Time it takes to reach lvl 90
2- The barrier to respec the character itself

The two things are related because for me playing ARPG is mainly experiment classes, skills, builds.
In a game like this without classes, I'm ok if it takes a while to reach max level also to learn the game and familiarize with all skills, but this is true only if I can respec the char freely so that after a while that I play a melee char, I try a ranger, or a mage or a summoner, but maybe I did not like the gameplay after trying it and I prefer to come back.

Here at my level if I respec once, I will loose all my golds and currency and so if the gameplay is boring or ineffective I need anyway to grind money and currency back..

In games like Diablo 3, not an issue you exp very quickly to max level and you've a stash that store for you equipment and builds (active skills, passive, etc) and you can immediately swap all this for free.

Here I played almost 25hours and I'm not even half the way (I'm level 43 atm), so the idea to take so much time to level another char is for me not even an option (I work during the week and so I can play usually 2-3h in the evening).
Maybe once I end the story and doing "end-game" the level experience is faster, I do not know that.

Note that I did not played only D3, but also other games such as Grim Dawn and Last Epoch (just to name a couple recent - I do not like PoE at first glance, it seems too much complex especially if you want to start to play it now with all the stuff that it has. and I did not invest my time in that one), but for me D3 style for character progression is very nice: maybe it is too easy, but it is very accessible.

I could keep play D3, but you know after you play a game for a while you also want a breath of fresh air :)

Just want to provide my feedback because I still see a lot of people playing D3 and asking to them they play it for my same reasons

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Created: 5 months, 3 weeks ago

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Created: 5 months, 3 weeks ago

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