New Weapons

Hello, how are you guys?

I was thinking about the styles of combos that we have, and I thought of some other weapons that would be a legal addendum, to maximize the variety ...

I have not yet been able to test all classes, so I'll probably forget to mention some weapons, but this is a forum, let's discuss.

So far, from what I remember, we have the following weapons:
Sword / Mace / Ax - with one hand,
Sword / Mace / Ax - two-handed,
(If I forgot some, do not hesitate to mention it).

In my opinion, it would be very interesting to play with other weapons as well:
Fist and shield (using enough shield to hit),
Lance (I'm in doubt whether or not you already have it),
Bat (monk style),
Mojo / Orb (wand secondary hand),
Quiver (arch secondary hand),
Tchaco (the translation does not seem to work ... it's that gun of two small sticks stuck by a chain (Bruce Lee).

What do you guys think ???

Sorry for any translation error, this is not my native language.

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Created: 4 months, 1 week ago

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Most weapons consume vigor, only the staff serves as the primary weapon for wizards.

it would be interesting to put more varieties into this, as invoker, necromancer, healer, something like that. But Wolcen is not a "pick a class" game so these variations would have to be with weapons and skills, this should complicate a little kk

But I thought of some kind of magic weapon that would cause continuous damage and at the same time try to corrupt the hit enemies by making them allies. It would be like a weapon for a necromancer ... I do not know.

Created: 4 months, 1 week ago

I totally agree that some new weapons should definitely appear ingame and not necessary they must be just another ones we all know like quivers, rifles etc. There is a totally fantastic game called "Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reconing" and there were 2 magic discs as a weapon. You can YouTube search it. I personally find the concept of discs very amazing. I mean for real - extra amazing.

Point is also the discs were fire, storm or ice "imbued" in that game with corresponding effects of burn, shock and freeze enemies. I am "maximum possible number" percent sure the idea of discs as weapons will drastically improve Wolcen among other ARPGs because there are not much games where you can fight with discs. And taking into account their love of stunning visual approach - discs can become one of the main reasons people will chose Wolcen instead of Lost Ark of PoE for example.

Moreover, I want to make a promise now - if devs will ever add Kingdoms of Amalur-like discs weapons I will donate the same amount Wolcen price is to some ingame cosmetics or smth else for real money when they add it or gift a game to a friend or 2. Yeah I really want those discs to shred beautifully through monsters with beautiful effects

I personally also would like to see (greater willing to see first) Lance, Mojo/Orb, Wand. Other weapons like Rifle, Bat, Tchaco risk to kill the atmosphere and make Wolcen too trash-like IMO

Created: 2 months ago

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