Opinion and Suggestions (I)

Sorry for bad english.

Just to let you know havent played for long. Tried it out a month ago, where i could only do „bounties“ like in Diablo 3 which really depressed me. Diablo 3 is not a good game in my eyes, no customization of Characters and has no replayability

What do I Like:
I like the combat system ist different from other Hack and slays more interactive and not statik like in PoE for example.

Bugs & Improvements:

Fire on ground, shining on trunks looks a bit out of date.
Act1 : Sometimes Enemys are not attacking me.


Think about Path of Exile and Torchlight which comes out later this year. Its free to play and people honor PoE by doing Microtransactions on Skins eg. . That keeps the game alive.

Gold as Currency? I think there should be an alternative for gold, like PoE did it. Just farming Gold could be boring and not really usefull later in game.

Hc Mode – Everybody has to die someday. Im an only HC Player.
Ladder. For SC and HC
Possibility to trade.

( Go far away from Diablo 3. It will kill your game in relation to skills skilltree and quite everthing.!!!)

After testing the game more i will more Bugs / Sugesstions


I Like the gore effect when the enemys splash, but it would like it more if it would be possible to cut of arms heads and so on. Cause at the moment, the enemys just die on the ground or they splash with blood.


More enemy density would be n1. Right at the moment in the first act im fighting against groups of 5-10 enemys. Would be n1 to fight larger groups of thrash mobs with some Unique Enemys Inside


There should be a possibility not to hit the enemy. Put in a Chance to hit a enemy und combine it with agility in skilltree?


I wanted to open a chest which was on top of stairs. My Character disappeared in the stairs. Unfortunatly i cannot add here a picture. It was in Act1 - necropolis

Pathfinding when trying to run a horde of monsters should be calibrated. My chacarter always tried do walk outside of a mob of monsters instead of trying to walk through them

I really dont like the skill system by changing passives on your skills just by changing it. It would be much better for me if you get passives by finding uniques which gives your skills a synergy, or by putting points in a skill tree. For example do get a synergie in your skill tree it would be necessary to put 5 skill points in in it. There should be a cap so u can have 1 synergie but also u could find a unique for example a ring which can higher the cap by 2 passives

Another way could be to find something like runes which u can put inside your gear which gives you synergies on your skills. They could also have caps where they have to be for example just in 1h sword , or helmet and so on.


Really cool that the game is hard atm. Im Almost at the end of the Act I and died a few times because of rushing. I Really like that difficulty

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I actually think the enemy density is okay for just act 1 as I think it will increase during the later acts. And whenever you get to like veteran +7 in Soldier of Fortune it suddenly feels like you a playing "They Are Billions". :D

I totally agree with you regarding the multiplayer trade option, but that is in the works.

Created: 6 months ago

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