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Having played the Alpha a year or so ago, I am very happy with the changes made thus far. The overall scope of the presentation of your character is improved. I enjoy the larger size of the character as you make your way through the story. In the alpha th character appeared smaller.

The Gate of Fate in many ways reminds me of the game, "Path of Exile", except that the rings rotate allowing you to traverse the skill tree faster with less wasted skill points. I am not yet at the point to understand the Gate of Fate skills and how they might interoperate with your characters build relative to choosing skill(s) to polish off some of the weaker aspects of your character.

The story thus far is amazing! I didn't really comprehend the story line in the Alpha, but now the story line in the Beta is a good one. The entire purifer thread reminds me of WarHammer 40K story a bit, especially the oversized armor Hiemlock and his children appear to be wearing.

The "alternative form" your character can eventually ascent to is an awe to behold, especially in the animated cut-scene when the main character faces the demon and the demon is startled. Or course that event also spells disaster for the main character as his life changes because of it.

Keep up the good work. The forum is awesome. I had some difficulty understanding the project timeline software used in the alpha "Trello", but perhaps that more of an issue that I am not a professional programmer.

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I absolutely agree with you. I purchased the game on Steam a couple years ago and I have played on and off since then. I have no idea why people are complaining about the changes. The game feels so much more fleshed out. As someone that loves the ARPG genre I have high hopes for this one.

EDIT: I remember at one point about a year ago, feeling like the game had died. It had not changed visibly since the first time I played it. When I came back to look the other day I was greatly surprised by all that it is now. Really excited to play the whole game.

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Thank you for these kind words! :) Glad you enjoy it!

Created: 3 months, 2 weeks ago

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