some feedback

At the end of tainted runs, perhaps the chest spewing a 3rd of the loot under the portal is not a optimal place for the portal, Yes a pop-up will stop you from exiting on accident, still.

Shame there is no pop-up for boss maps, where soon as the boss dies you find yourself back home with a nice glimpse of the loot left on the floor. Because some genius thought the portal should appear right under you. What gets me is, how does this get into the game and why is this still not fixed?

I know there is alot to get fixed atm, but this takes no time at all.

The tainted guy that spears you, perhaps put a CD on that skill thats longer than 2 seconds? Shorten the animation. It really is obnoxious.

I hope some standard quality of life features are in the works. Being able to link a item, inspect someone, mail items.

Genesis stones, after 655h I have 6. Is this normal? Meanwhile I can mash 187 tainted runs and get multiple items with the same effects the stones provide by the truck load. I used one stone, added aliment damage. Awesome.

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Created: 3 months, 1 week ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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