Some Questions to Developers about next Patch (Chronicle)

Hello there. I wanted to ask a few questions that's on my mind for the next patch. Sorry if this is a long post, but im very interested in hearing about this game's future.

1 - Last patch was a big balance patch, however, youre saying you'll completely rework damage calculation, score system etc. for the next patch. Does this mean current patch balancing is just a temporary stuff?

2 - I like the skill system in this game. However, there are a lot of very weak choices there. For instance, Teleport skill (Aether something) has a modifier that costs 2 points to increase it's range. This increase either doesn't work, or barely noticeble. Do you intend to revisit every skill and modifiers for the next patch?

3 - Last patch i started a sword/shield character on non-campaign mode. Did a few basic rift runs, and i can tell you, i deal no damage at all. Not only i barely saw any skills drop, but my damage and survivability doesnt match the curve at all. I remember default campaign difficulty was fine though at first patch. Do you plan to revisit difficulty for characters that start on Adventure mode (cant remember the name of mod) and can you make skills easier to achive very early on?

4 - Finding duplicate skills and color dyes all the time i think needs to have a rework. Do you plan to maybe prevent dropping colors that you already own, and maybe make skills immeadiately turn into respec points upon pickup?

5 - I feel like the refresh rate of Stamina points doesn't match (quite slow) the gameplay flow. Do you have any plans to revisit Stamina system?

6 - Whatever i did on my Mage, i feel like my Willpower passive regenaration is extremely slow, and having to attack several times breaks my gameplay flow a lot. Also i feel like every Rage character MUST have the skill that passively regenerate Rage instead of Willpower, else gameplay is not much fun. Do you think that Resource system is in a good place?

7 - A lot of the skills have big animation durations. For instance Sovereign Shout locks my character for about a whole second in combat which doesnt feel good. Do you have plans to add proper animation canceling for this situations?

8 - Game is pretty heavy on CPU. Any plans for more optimizations?

9 - Gate of Fates are a cluster of dots. We know youre implementing a search bar for this. But for easier identification of nods, do you plan to add some artwork for individual nod trees there?

10 - Instead of complete respeccing, do you plan to add a single point removal option for Gate of Fates for much cheaper price? I think this is very much needed.

11 - Are you really sure about Attack skills' damage completely based off of weapons? For instance, Wrath of Baapeth deals almost no damage for a dual dagger character compared to a 2-handed axe (Edgy made my damage literally 5x, this was a bad experience for me) character. Do you consider also adding flat damage like 500 + 150% Weapon damage or something?

12 - Any plans to change random rolling sockets on items? It feels terrible to spam click and waste a lot of gold (as in Diablo 3 enchant) to try to get what you want.

I could go on, but i think this is already a lot. Thank you for read.

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