sugestion about the act 3 boss.

Hello. I know the boss have already been made in all and all.. but i would just like to toss this idea around.

spoiler warning:

instead of having Hemlock Back stab everyone at the begening of the fight and essentially cripling vallaria...if not killing her sort of...i bet shes not dead..anyway.

this is what i thought out.

"1st part:
all Characters gets up and sees 3 sets of mages staying close to the energy orbs channeling energy to the portal while spamming eneies like "effing" mad. not in term of quantity,but rather in term of quality. being protected by the sheild casted from the mechanical orbs..Players have to damage sufficiently the orbs to be able to kill the mages protecting them and then defending Genese as he recapture and reconfigurate the orbs to shutdown the portal instead.

when one orb is recaptured. a big bad monster spawns to attempt to break the recaptured orb..After having captured all 3 orbs.

The portal starts to leak Arrihmans energy swarming towards Hemilock...The game change to a scene showing Hemilock Screaming in Pain...Screaming..YOU CAN'T BREAK ME!!!
You rush next to him to cast a sacred sheild to block the Aurrihman energy leaks.

a few seconds later. Genese attempt to heal Hemilock..Hemilock remains silent...then we see Genese looking at Hemilock Scar...he says NO. I have no choice... Valaria rush to stop Genese to knock back some sense to hemilock...
Hemilock Screams..Nothing BUT A SLAVE!!!
And blast his powerful beam towards vallaria. Vallaria...says : not this time...Close to falling in the portal.

Genese counter the beam energy with its sacred energy beam.. (never cross the beams...) except that here the crossing of beams push back at vallaria and Then the explosion throws genese weapon off feild, push vallaria violently in the portal.while knocking us back.

Genese jumps down to catch the hellion weapon.

Then we get up and resume the fight as it was scripted to the 2nd part.

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