Thoughts on QoL

Hi Wolcen Studios, hope you are alright!

I am a returning player and has been addicted with the game for a few days. The game-feeling is so good, very good job!

I still compare this game a lot with Diablo 3, and how amazing that game feels as well so I thought I could share some QoL with you that you might already have in your scope.

1-2 second delay when exiting Apocalype form - It happens quite often that in the middle of a boss fight, when the boss is channeling a spell, my Apocalypse form drops and I cannot move for 1-2 seconds which results in insta-death. Any plans on improve this or are you happy with the way it works now?

This is for me, the most important aspect of an Hack N Slash genre. I am curious if you are planning on introducing new items with level req 70 and onwards? Or will this impact the current end game damage too much? I have a hard time figuring out my chances crafting a new rare since the information given on e.g. an echo is quite hard for me to understand. Let's say I would like to craft a Staff with double flat damage, how should I think?

You might have already seen this video where MrLlamaSc talks about D4 and what made Diablo 2 so successful in Itemization:

Are you happy with the way itemization works in Wolcen as of now and what are your future plans regarding this?

I still see a bright future for you guys. It is not even fair to compare this build to Alpha. You have done a great job!

Please reach out to me on Discord (Nordde) if you have any more questions input about anything on how the game feels from a Player's perspective.

Thank you in advance
Kind Regards

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