Do ailment and other stack in multiplayer ?


Just wanted to know if 2 players are built poison ailment, do they stack in multi ? Aka can we reach 60 stacks ?

Same with Mark of Impurity, is it worth to double it on the same boss ?

Thanks :)

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Created: 2 months ago

Category: Gameplay

cant put my hand in fire for that but from what i seen answere is no. You can thou get stacks for Immortal Offering from other ppls afflicted Aliments.

Created: 2 months ago

Ok thanks so having different types of ailment have 2 advantages :

  • Preventing to proc over 30 stacks and capping damage uselessly
  • Having better multiplier on Immortal Offering

Would be good to know for sure, not for ailments only but for all debuffs in the game :)

Created: 2 months ago

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