Double Loaded Multishot

Today i'd like to share with you my currently LVL 74, Farming Maps up to lvl 91, Multishot Guide.

Attributes: All into Toughness. Our Main Source of HP.

Gear: Independant, but of course legendaries and uniques boost dps.
- my personal is roughly catching the 10'000 (10k) Range, on char sheet,
- but that's not optimized for real damage.

The Main Skills:

Plageburst - AOE small enemies give their hilfe to kill bigger ones and the other small ones fast with AOE.

Bulkwark of a Dawn. Healing skill that can be cast with -1 sek delay. Good, but we have potions, so that one can be swapped if not needed.

Ice Spear.
our first Main DMG skill. (building Rage)

Sting of Kraiton
our Secound, Big DMG Skill - Consuiming Rage, Returning Willpower.

Those two have the skill option to increase projectiles.

That's what we aim for,
here, and in the Passive tree,

and should it be available,
also in Gear.

More Projectiles = More dmg and AOE.

both skills can be set to charge shots and realease them at once.

That, increases their impact massively,
and since you're shooting from a distance ideally normally without taking any dmg,
you could easily grind higher,
than other Close combat builds.

(i used to play dagger with Slayers Fury before that, also on plageburst, with ethernal blades for the Willpower.)

For Getting around the map,
i recommend to use shadowstep, with the refill Dodge points and the Movement speed boost rune,
combined with the Ethernal Warp Skill which can be used at no cooldown, until rage pool is full.

If Dodge, Bind to key movement,
bind to key show Items (for looting),
and Ethernal Warp, combined with Shadowstep to give extra Dodge Points,
isn't enough to get you through a full map,
you're probably not using them on cooldown yet. ;)

Whailing Arrows does massive AOE,
one of the biggest in the whole list.
But it's cooldown makes it only a secondary skill if at all.
I usually leave it out.

Havoc Orb is a decent skill,
but i personally don't rely on it.

It's AOE is increasable with more +1 Projectile,
but it's not ideal.

The Sting of Kraiton and Ice Spear combination is waaaaayyyy stronger!

On the Passive Tree,
you want to get the +1 Projectile first,
and then stick to all Projectile related DMG Notes,

For Defense, Notes with +HP, +HP Reg, and + Toughness can be selected.

Apart from that,
in late Game,
try to collect as many passive Effects in the Tree,
that increase your damage automatically.

Ailment stacks are useful,
but our Build doesn't focus on it,
nor does it on crit.

But the Passive Tree can give us guaranteed crit on spell dmg for the Ice shot,
when cast with more than 75 % Willpower,
and since the Two Skills can be charged that can be a lot of guaranteed Crit Dmg.

Try to get the Physical Attack to Perma Krit with Unique gear and Dmg Type,
if necessary craft a weapon for the Gear,
without destroying your current main weapon,
until you have for example the required Frost or Toxic DMG and Ailment Chance Score for the Sting of Kraiton to become perma krit.

Once you've reached perma krit on both main skills,
you basically vacoum clean maps for their loot,
without having anything come close enough to kill you,
except a few bosses,
and those nasty "projectile immunes" under their bubble,
but for them,
the plageburst or Bulkwark of Dawn should save you.

never go down another level in a map,
after dying in a level more than once.

Unless you really "die hard" want to get to the next level area to grind on enemies you can't kill safely anyway.

grind the best level you can based on:

Your Char Lvl XX

  • or - 5 Lvl - Best for Farming Gear to Wear, unless you are overpowered enough to really farm higher!!
  • or - 10 Lvl - Best for EXP
  • or - 20 Lvl - Best FOR LOOT, Grinding Gold, Grinding City Levels and buildings, Grinding Materials.
    More than 20 Levels higher or Lower than your own Character Level is usually not really helpful to play,
    until it's based on the Game's calculation of endgame.

During Leveling,
stick to the First (LVL 43) At least until you're at lvl 52.

The Many Repetitions,
played without investing any Primordeal infinity,
and instead saving that as the "bank account" to collect the amounts needed for the Next stage of Building out the cities Permanent Productivity,
you should get a decent amount of basic loot from running that low level roughly until CLvl 63.

At CLvl 63 you should have a good amount of City progression,
and be already able to craft up item and reagent rarity,
and item quality.

Do not Chance craft your gear.
Only Craft your weapon at that stage,
no other slots.

The rest, you find the upgrades from farming.

In your stash,
you should have one tab in the back with your gems and Reagents,
one with your maps and Accessories (rings amulets belts - 1 slot itmes of high value),
one with Legendaries and Uniques,

The first Stash tab should be empty,
AND STAY EMPTY in general,
as that's where you dump everything after runs,
when you go for gear and when you collect gems and stuff,
and at the end of your grind you clear that tab into the other tabs,

unless it's a really good weapon base with three gem slots, of Attack type 1,
which is a GG find anyway.
Or other perfect rolled bases.

Which brings us to:
Crafting bases farming:

Find the Highest ILvl you can farm fast (for real Late game that's Map's lvl 115 for farming gems and reagents, and 173 for Accessoires and General Gear, And obviously max level 187+ for Weapon slot.=)

the First Level that Drops a 10 Clvl Gear cap (usually the first of a new difficulty.)


Trash everything you don't need.

Trash everything without Gem Slots,
since you want your gear to be craftable!

Ethereal Reagents require Gem Slots to be defined into specific Chances.

No Gem slot = Waste of Reagent!!!

~ I will add Screenshots for passives and skills,
when i get to Edit this post.

Note on Gems:

Alexandrite rolls Crit;

Physical dmg, Toxic Dmg, and REND dmg are best for player weapon,
because they scale up other dmgs,
and spells are independant from Weapon dmg anyway.

Rend, causes bleed, which gives extra dmg.
Toxic causes poisoned, gives Extra Dmg.

Physical, causes Stun, and does NOT give extra dmg.

So you aim for Low Physical,
high Rend OR High Toxic,
when Crafting up your Weapon.

you want 3 flat DMG types,
+ aligned suffixes.

Other Gem notes:

Forst dmg (freeze), Aether dmg (Stasis) and Sacred dmg (Weakness) can slow your Enemies,
which on an Distanced AOE Multi Shot Comes equal to Stunning them away from you,
and basically preventing anyone from hitting you.

So When Not Aiming for Best Top Dmg,
but for best Farm Efficiency and Quality of Life,
you'll prefer those Flat DMG Rolls to be on your pistol.

But The Cold Dmg is constantly applied from your Spell Ice Spikes already,
and therefore,
we do not really need to focus on building for slow anymore.

  • Movement Speed,
  • and plus magick find - if available on any gear, are to be preferred.
  • otherwise, increase your dmg and defense.

  • The faster you run your maps,

  • the bigger will be your loot and progress.
  • the quicker you gain materials and resources for crafting your perfected late game gear.



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This build sounds interesting and fun. Could you please give a screenshot of your Character Sheet and passive, also a shot of your you skills and skill augments would be great.


Created: 3 years, 3 months ago

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