Looking for a Consuming Embers main skill build for a Harry Dresden themed character

Is it possible to make this decent? Either staff or gun and focus

Consuming embers

I assume stuff like anomaly, bulwark, aether jump??? but if not needed that's fine. Other skills can be cold or holy damage to keep with the theme. I'll try myself, but I suck at coming up with this on my own and I was hoping there was already something close I could start from.


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Well real mage Build in general can work even in endgame but take much more effort. Iam Atm using a DarkFlame Mage where i focus on together with other stuff on Consuming Embers empowered with the Force of the Occult(Aether, Shadow and Sacred Dmg) that deal a decent amount of dmg. Saddly i never read "the Dresden Files" so i have not a clear idea what you look for.

you wont be killing with Consuming Embers alone in higher Ranks thou. My DarkFlame Mage uses Anomaly, Solarfall, Tear of Etheliel, Aether Jump and ofc Consuming Embers. Wearing Heavy Armor Head+Chest for Salavtory Anchor, Rest Bruiser Gear with focus on Toughness, Cost Reducution and Occult-Dmg.
if you are intressed i can post my Current Build on Wolcen-Universe for Review.

What it can do sofar: Running Expedition Rank 163 without a sweat and lays down devastations in resonable time to bosses and packs a like. Didnt Try 187 yet since i dislike doing such Stuff while iam not "ready prefectly"

Created: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

I'd love to see that build

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We have two builds that use consuming Embers:

Warden of the wind:

Oracles Of Flames:

One is lightening based, and other is fire.

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totally forgot about that one

Created: 1 month, 3 weeks ago

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