lvl 70 LF Build

I just hit level 70 and I am looking for a good build to use to start farming expeditions.
I don't really have great gear.
I am currently able to do lvl 87 expeditions fairly easily.

This is what I am currently running.
It shows the rotation I am currently using. I just finally unlocked the 5th slot so I am not really using the 5th skill as of yet so I am ok with changing it out.

I just want to be able to go in and start wrecking stuff.

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Mages have a hard time performing atm but its possible to do Rank 163+(highest possible stat drop) with a Mage. Looking at your Build atm... It seems you are not rly investing into any massive Dmg Sources atm meaning your neither go Aliments, nor Crit(normal dmg without crits is crap^^) nor you go for Projectiles. Also you Lack Defenses no block, no resistances, no dogde, no dmg Reduction passvies. Even 500k Forceshield can get 1 shot on endgame without any migation.

I would rethink what your Focus gonna be, if you wanna stay mage you will a good amount of suitable gear to make your self the killing maschine you wanna be. If you wanna go Aliments you should perk into it more, if you wanna go for big hits you gotta get your self Crit-Chance(40%+) and Crit-Dmg 400-500% or you perk into Projectile Dmg (Consuming Embers and Tear get massive boots from that).

As for Defensive Salvatory Anchor is a possiblilty, with just 2 Heavy Armor Pieces(around 720+1100) you can get about 60% dmg reduction vs everything and so make your Forceshield nearly tripple in effective value. Or you go if you are constantly on the move and can avoid most attacks adding Dogde Chance Score on gear and suitablle gear can get you to 75%+ Dodge but it would gimp your Max Force Shield Massively since you would need to use Gems to get it done + Branded Burst make 1 shots unlikely, or you somehow add blocking 90-100% on 75% efficience.

my 50 Cent

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Hi there !
4 builds here, you can put the site in english, and the videos are in English too =)

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I have made various different builds with different characters in Wolcen, and the build that i've made and would say is the most fun to play and also reasonably strong is my build that is based on the Gunslinger skill and it's Augmented Ammunition modifier. I highly recommend creating your own version, using that skill and modifier as your focal point. Mine uses a pistol and shield, but the shield is mostly just to enable use of the Juggernaut skill. A 2-handed bow version i think would be able to achieve a higher DPS, but your skill options would be more limited (shields enable melee skills).
Good luck, whichever build you end up farming with.

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I've been using many builds for post-campaign content. All my builds could do level +120 content, some could push to 140, and the one I'm finally doing is able to handle level +180

I'm not done writing my final build though, but I have fully detailed guides for couple builds so far:

Warden of the wind (lightening mage with staff)

Voodoo Queen (hybrid summoner with ailments)

Created: 2 months ago

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