[UPDATED] Two-Hand Siegebreaker 166+ (1.0.8 Blades Edge pure melee build)

Hello everyone. There was some positive feedback regarding my Two-Hand Siegebreaker build. I've since updated it after doing some testing. Also, as requested, I have included a very short (no voice audio) video to show my current stats and a small snippet of gameplay so you know what you're getting yourself into. See the link for the full build and more details. I will copy the notes from the build below as well. So far, I'm level 77 and have taken this to 166ish. There are some areas in my gear I'd like to complete as well as getting the rest of the trait points, where I suspect I can go much further. Enjoy, I hope it helps!

Short Video:

The Build:
Level 90:

Level 75 Suggested path:

(Note for either build, if you find yourself slowing down too often, you can take Appetite for Blood for rage on kill)

Stat Priority:
Weapon: (This is incredibly important)
+Material Damage on this weapon✶✶✶
+Rend/Physical/Toxic damage✶✶✶
+Crit Damage✶✶
+ 3 Offensive I sockets with +Physical Damage✶✶✶

Heavy Chest/Helm✶✶✶, Bruiser everywhere else.
+Material Damage✶✶✶
+All Resist (Percent and Flat Resistances)✶✶✶
Transfer Time Reduction ✶✶ (Very important to have around 50-100% to avoid black bar of death.)
-Resource Costs✶
+Crit Chance✶
-Cooldown Reduction✶ (small amounts for shout/shield)
+ Socket everything.

For Armor, Defense I and max Block chance And/Or Defense III for more Health.
For Supporting pieces mix Support I, Crit chance and some Support III, Transfer Time Reduction**

Game Play:

The gameplay is quite simple, but has an ebb and flow to it. Combat will generally be initiated with Wings of Ishmir to buff damage and pull enemies closer, followed by a Shout and a double-tapped Juggernaut. This will kill most underling packs without any further combat necessary.

After the initial burst, you will use Blood for Blood (if you expect the fight to last, you can skip it otherwise), and start using Bleeding Edge. Every few Bleeding Edge, you will want to use Wings of Ishmir to ensure enemies stay grouped together and your buffs are up, you can leap on either side of enemies to avoid damage while maintaining damage. Every 2-3 Leaps you will Shout to maintain those buffs and keep some stamina available in order to avoid certain deadly mechanics. Use Juggernaut on cooldown for more damage, or defense if you're feeling vulnerable.

For moving around the map, you will not want to manually run as you will be slow and moving reduces your damage/defenses. Instead, use Warpath to traverse around the map, filling down time with Wing of Ishmir/Shout to keep Stamina Available.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • You want about 80-90% Resistances on higher levels.

  • You want 50-100% Transfer time reduction to avoid long "grey" periods.

  • Use Steel Rings with + Crit Damage rolled on them.

  • Cooldown reduction is very valuable due to burst damage on Juggernaut and for keeping Stamina charges up from Shout.

  • Not having +Material damage and +Material-type damage boosts (Toxic, Rend, Physical) on your weapon will severely cut your damage!

  • For low level Players: Shoot for Gods Amongst Men, Furious Appetite/Frenzied Blows, and Disallowed Vessel first, and start to branch out from there based on whether you need more damage or defenses.

Specific Notes on a few traits taken:

  • +Willpower/Rage nodes are very important to this build. They buff Manic Slaughter and keep us in range for Frenzied Blows for more of the fight.
  • Sacred Oath (Weakness on bock) is used to Bolster Bleeding Edge with ailments and reduce damage taken.

  • Feast for the Crows (2% leech) is taken in case you do not have leech on your weapon. It is NOT required, but I did not want to omit it, as not having leech at all is a trap for melee builds.

  • Regenerative Body was taken to support leech frequency to out-heal burst.

  • Virtuose Stance is a large damage increase, as it is a 15% chance do double damage on ANY attack (including Bleeding Edge). You want to stay in Probing stance at all times. Dodge with Wings, as it helps with Rage transfer timing. The draw back effects are additive, and have very little impact.

  • Feast for the Crows, Regenerative body, Block Chance, High Adrenaline, Endurance Training, Slippery are flexible. Appetite for bloodshed (35 rage on kill) is a good trait to take if you have spare points.

For Traits I did not take:

  • Branded Burst did not prove consistent when playing melee.

  • Too many points were wasted when trying to utilize Which Time Cannot Heal, and using Tracker's Reach constantly felt far too busy.

  • Fatal pact was not consistent and there wasn't enough ailment use to justify the wasted points leading up to it.

  • Immortal Offering had the same issue. Plus, I suspect it'll get nerfed/changed.

  • Static Transferral is not useful as you will rarely (if ever) basic attack with this build.

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