Hi all,

Quick fix that I implemented during my campaign playthrough to help me out with the stash resets:

Bare in mind that the stash is wiped after every boss leading through to next act PLUS wipes when you are reloging or disconnect and come back at a later time.

The stash is safe when playing through the game so use it while you complete your run and then before every act ending boss rip everything from your stash to prevent the wipe from acts. However bare in mind anything you are really concerned about losing I would carry AT ALL TIMES (due to the fact if you suffer a unintentional disconnect then you risk losing your stash upon re entry to the game).

Upon reaching engame the stash is stable when running Mandates and Expeditions however if you plan to relog or disconnect from the game I highly recommend taking out anything from the stash you don't want to lose as I have experienced stash resets and weird wipes or even stash rollbacks resulting in items being duplicated. So horde it all in invent when planning to disconnect as you otherwise risk losing it all,

Now I realize that none of this is ideal but it's a quick fix to stop any nice drops you are receiving going completely into the abyss.

If anyone has picked up any other tips to help ease this bug causing a massive nuisance please tag on in the thread.

Thanks all and good luck in game :)

EDIT: Announcement has been made that apparently the stash is there but its a database bug and to get it back you just keep reloging until it shows up again. I have yet to try it but thats what they have said.

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