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    I have been looking forward to playing this game for some time, and generally I’m impressed. However, I’m very disappointed in the character creation. Nothing about it makes this game stand out from others in the same genre. There is nothing that makes your character unique. Nothing that makes you ’emotionally’ invested in the character’s development. I’d love to see ‘birthright’ skills or ‘perks’ that you choose at creation. It’s OK to make a character look different, but if they feel the same then what is the point?



    I agree. Character creation needs to be exactly that; a chance to really get creative. At the moment there’s barely anything to choose from. The latest patch shows the female character’s stance in a completely unnatural position, even with the standard stature. The hairstyles, such as they are, would be vastly improved with better textures. Same goes for the male character. Considering how much detail is invested in the environment, it would be nice to see the same with character creation. I’m not expecting the character creation intricacy as detailed in Black Desert Online, or maybe even ESO, but what’s there at the moment is sadly disappointing.



    There definitely need to be more options when it comes to character creation (and perhaps not even only aesthetic ones), but I get the feeling this is pretty low on the priority list at the moment. As much as I’d like this, I can understand that decision.



    Further, for a unique character, there should be more face models. A face morphe like for the body would be nice.


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    I appreciate the decision.


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    Thank you for all your feedbacks. We plan to improve the character creation and the character models as well and will take your opinions into consideration 🙂 Should you have other ideas to improve the emotional attachement to your character, do not hesitate to share them with us.

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