Topic: Concerning the Nasties (Part 1)

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    Hay Wolcenites and Devs!

    Just some feedback concerning the Monsters we encounter. In general I think its looking great! Densities are good and designs are interesting. This will mainly focus on what we are fighting and the positive and negatives in my opinion.


    I really like the thin sinewy design of them and the variations are cool. They are a bit easy sometimes but then again they are just zombies so that’s fine. What I would like to see though are some more blood and gore an their models. And also a bit more distinguishable design between the different color variations. Maybe some missing limbs, flies buzzing, guts dangling, glowing eyes on some of them? This would carry through to the Fat bloated ones and the butcher types. The butcher could get allot of blood and maybe some meat hooks? But overall I think the base model is excellent.

    The Gravedigger guys are awesome! I think they could also get some more rotten textures and a bit more visuals to make them look even better but this was an excellent idea for an enemy. My only feedback concerning him is that when he digs up zombies I think it would look great if he had some earth exploding outwards and dust as he exhumes the corpses. And the exhumed zombies are a bit lazy. Mostly just standing around? They must be feral and wild protecting their master in my opinion.

    Lastly I would like to see some more variations. Maybe just one more unique model to diversify the zombies. It could be a type of female caster or even a zombie oger! He could wield the closest zombie he can find or whatever.

    So that’s my opinion on our decomposing friends. Hope it helps. I just love the undead and I think Wolcen studio is on the right track.

    Good luck Wolcen, and thank you for an excellent game so far!




    Calistaen [Wolcen Staff]
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    We plan to introduce much more enemies in the game, not only zombies though 🙂 Thank you for your feedback Necrovex !

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    Good to hear. And thank you so much for the reply.

    But just to clarify, part 1 concerned our decomposing friends. I plan on giving feedback/praise to all baddies in the current state of the game in near future.

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