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    Hello Wolcen Developers & Other People.

    I did buy this game through Steam, and i loved it from the start.


    I have an anoying issue with the game crashing constantly when playing inside a cave filled with Araneae (Spiders).
    I do love the game but it’s quite anoying when i constantly crashing out to desktop.

    My hardware do pass the recommended systemrequirements as well.

    CPU: i7-6700K
    GPU: EVGA GTX 980
    MEM: 32 GB, 2133MHz DDR4.

    So i don’t think it’s because the lack of proper hardware & i play this game with absolute maximum settings.
    Please can anyone help me with the issue and help me solve the problem so i can continue playing this fantastic game.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Company: Datorreparation Umeå (Sweden) -



    Hello, i think you should do a file check for all the game data in the properties tab. Next, try to play on medium or low graphics because at this time the optimization is in development so there will be crashes. On low settings i don’t have crashes, maybe 1-2…



    I’m also having lots of random crashes even after fresh install from Steam.  Crashes to desktop and says that ***.exe has stopped working. Approximately one every 30 minutes.

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