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    I would like to know, if it’s possible to add a feature about control mapping.

    I’m French, I use Azerty keyboard and I would like to set my map key to “M” instead of “;”


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    same here ! using “,” feels weird ! it’s not gonna be soon but I’ll try to push the devs to make this happen haha.



    i think we get a function to bind the keys as we like

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    I, too, would like re-bindable keys. Also, please allow for those of us with multi-button mice to be able to utilize those buttons.

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    Hey ,


    Would be nice to remap.

    I use a Belkin gamepad.



    I just got the game on steam. Seems really cool, looking forward to seeing where it goes.

    I cant rly play it yet though with these controls, I need a force move button on the keyboard and I need to be able to rebind the keys to the way I always have my keys bound in arpgs. I cant play with mouse button to move my char, has to be a keyboard key for it I can map to W.

    Its how I play the diablo games, torchlight games, poe, titan quest, grim dawn, all arpgs. I tried devilian, cant map force move to a key, uninstalled it, literally cant play these sort of games without a keyboard force move.

    Obviously its early days, Im sure keybinding will be added eventually and Ill be back to give the game a proper bash when its in, all good. Just posting here to +1 a need for it and throw in the need for a forcemove key.


    Game looks lovely btw, very exciting. Cheers 🙂



    Yes, this is a must, please! +1



    hello there,

    one thing is missing for me, something very important indeed. The possibility to remap the hold position key that is on shift key atm for something else, and one other very important thing would be a keyboard key to move to the cursor, that ‘s for me the most important of both things i just mention, for now it s not a very hard probleme considering the level cap and the density of mobs etc… but in some cases in the future i think this is going to be an improvement that will help so much. Dispite the fact that constantly using left click to move is making my right arm feeling crampy, when u are surrounding with enemies this allow moving without attacking nor using skilles and in almost all cases saves asses. It is particulary important gameplay fiture for distance characters. I hope this will be added some times in the developement process. In the meaning time keep up the good work guys and thank you for this awsome game that t<span style=”color: #212121; font-family: arial, sans-serif; white-space: pre-wrap;”>hat I appreciate more and more in the line of the news updates. </span>

    Peace and Cheerz


    Meg Am Uts

    Hi there,

    is it possible to add <turn playing area left> and <turn playing area right> to remapping controls? Now it is fixed to <cursor left> and <cursor right> and for me it turns the wrong way around. I play from the perspective of the character on screen and when I press <cursor left>, I expect the character to “turn left” and thus the area to turn right (clockwise). Maybe it’s just me having this “problem”, but adding this to control remapping would help me and maybe some other poor sods who have the same problem. As it is, it causes massive amounts of 270 degree turns. (I can’t get my brain to do the right thing).



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