Topic: Experimental Update 0.3.0 : Passive Skill Tree and Housing preview !

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    Hi everyone ! Today we are excited to finally bring you a taste of both our new Passive Skill Tree and Housing systems in the form on a experimental b
    [See the full post at: Experimental Update 0.3.0 : Passive Skill Tree and Housing preview !]

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    Good job guys, this is awesome!

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    Nice, i love experimental stuff. Keep up the good work!

    Could you make an online version of the tree, so people can map their builds and share them? (Like in Path of Exile, WOW; etc…)

    I find this to be a wonderful feature to think about a build, as well as explaining it to others.
    For newcomers, this tree might seem overwhelming. Giving them a chance to sit down and get familiar with it before leveling prevents them from making “wrong” builds and a lot of frustration.

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    There is a guy in town next to the wheel that lets you spin the skill tree that will let you reset

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