Topic: Feature Request – Network Traffic Clamping / Compression

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    This is a feature request due to how bad Wolcen is currently killing my internet due to its high traffic usage while playing in an online game save that is stored on the cloud. This game is constantly sending at least ~2000 bytes almost twice a second. For my internet, this is a major problem. I’m on DSL, a max throughput of 12/2. If my upload is even close to being fully used, my download entirely dies until the upload has finished and cleaned out. Playing Wolcen effectively kills my internet the entire time playing an online game. The main packet Wolcen keeps sending is on average 1499 bytes long and is sent 1-2 times a second.

    It would be nice to see the networking aspect of the game get a bit of some love to fix this kind of problem for those with limited bandwidth situations such as myself.

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