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    Pascal Simard

    Ice Magic needs some love, and I think they would be quite adept at using that system where frozen enemies take more damage from piercing weapons. To complement it all, a spell that throws a sharp dagger of ice, to pierce and shatter the ennemies. Of course, that spell on its own would not inflict much damage, but it does substancial damage against enemies that are frozen! Elementalists, on the side of Ice, also receives some boons when being frozen. A spell that freezes them in place (disables movement) but it does not stop them from casting. It incases them into a partial barrier of ice that allows them to stand their ground and rain ice shards and buffet chilling winds upon the enemies.

    As for the ‘Modifiers’ … The ice dagger would eventually give you a choice between a spread of daggers, or a lance that explodes into sharp shrapnels… I’m sure we can discuss many other ideas over that! In any case, that spell has lower damage, but takes advantage of frozen enemies (Maybe one higher-level modifier that gives a chance that low health enemies are outright killed as they shatter into pieces?)

    The arsenal of fire and lightning spells has just been increased, but Frost magic hasn’t had anything new added!



    Wow, that honestly doesn’t sound bad, I’d even say it sounds great. I’m not usualy a fan of ice spells but it could really be interesting if there existed more synergies between spells in supplement of the synergies between the different passives. I’m sure they’re already thinking about this kind of stuff tho.

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