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    I have the problem, that the game doesnt respond to my mouseklicks, for instance i cant click on any texturefield to update the conversation instead the character starts to move. Also the Items in the stash such aus books cant be rightclicked. I have a Mad Catz MMO 7 Mouse with the original Drivers and Konfigurationsoftware.

    Hope you can give me some advice to get things working.



    Sometimes its happenning with me too… when im selling stuff or just checking my inventory


    Paige Birchel

    The problem might come from the game. I think you already checked your mouse. You can try to close and open the game. Moreover, you also should check the game settings. If you haven’t found the solution yet, you can get the mobile version of this game to play on your phone with touch screen. You can get it on top1apk. I think with touch screen, mouse is not a problem anymore.

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