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    I am from South Africa and have started playing Wolcen today on the Technical Multiplayer BETA but noticed that the latency is 170 to the servers for me, while it is kind of playable, it is quite difficult and i can see it getting worse as the enemies become worse and more complicated in their abilities.


    I have no idea how it works on the back end of things and i can only wonder and ask while giving other games as examples, while i play Diablo 3 my ping is around the same as on Wolcen but i feel no latency or lag while killing enemies/activating skills/moving or equipping items/ picking up items from the ground.


    Basically i am asking if there is any feasible way to implement net code to replicate that same feel of responsiveness even with the latency being as high as that? (obviously in the future)


    Kind Regards

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