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    Just asking if you guys are planning to add such a thing ?

    Basically, you attack your foes by punching them with your bare fists but infused with “magic” (meaning : umbra, lightning, fire etc. working like staves essentially ) the weapons themselves could be something simple like a magic gem or spirit stone or whatever, just something that let you use your bare fists but don’t cover them like claws, caestus..  you see your fists infused with said power you chose (of the particular type of power, so one for umbra, one for fire etc. you get it ) the animation could be similiar to that of the staves but in melee ( triggers different type of strikes when you keep attacking ).

    For example : Umbra power : pummeling enemies with your fists, first hits are slow but powerful punches hitting multiple enemies, the following are very fast (like the dagger animations when your character uses both his daggers stabbing very quickly ) punches dealing chain dmg,  and then a lunge forward punch knocking them off leaving a umbra trail dealing dot damage, and the final animation he claps his hands doing an umbra aoe shockwave.



    Guardian Angel

    Hi, hand-to-hand combat is something that we’d like to add someday.



    That would be awesome, magical hand to hand warrior sounds really cool !


    Little off topic question, do you plan to add Spears and/or halbers ? Thanks

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