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    Hi all

    Wolcen team congratz

    There was so many attemts to do smthg similar to d series

    You did it!

    all the upcoming features will rock

    Game looks promising all ideas etc will make great impact to game

    wish u best of luck and creativity

    what i noticed that game mobs should explode instead rag doll physhics

    camera shake missing this feature makes really cool effect on gameplay


    Guardian Angel

    Both of your requests are actually already in-game! Mob explosion is a feature called “Overkill” and has a chance to trigger when the final blow on a monster deals significant damage. Each damage type will have its own overkill type, but for now only physical is present. Hit very hard, and sometimes you’ll see them explode in a shower of guts and blood.
    Camera shake is also present, but not always noticeable with standard attacks. You can increase the strength of CamShake in the game’s options menu.

    Thank you for your support!

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