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    Figure I’d make a thread similar to PaulS covering things I find or feel could be adjusted or similar. I have not read through his entire post so some of these may be duplicates of what he posted already.

    Performance / Engine

    1.) Wolcens current CPU usage is fairly insane for a game of its kind. Even with everything turned down to the lowest settings Wolcen is still using a constant 50% CPU or higher depending on the area you are in.

    2.) Wolcen’s FPS seems all over the place rather than being a smooth or consistent amount throughout gameplay. Standing still in town can yield 60fps then a slight movement of the camera or even just zooming in a little can drop the FPS to under 30. This is on a machine well over the system requirements.

    3.) A lot of the settings in the various menus do not save and revert to a different setting no matter what you do to try and change them. For example, under Advanced options, setting Vignetting to off just reverts to On always. Other settings are in the same boat as this, such as Enemy Health Bars always reverts to off. (Vignetting also has no description and appears to not work. I assume this is  just a shader not implemented yet.)

    4.) Global Illumination Quality does not seem to work at all. Turning this setting on anything other than off just makes the game nearly entirely black.

    Tutorial Stage (The Escape)

    5.) During the tutorial stage, it would feel more appropriate to go into a little more detail about different parts of the game that land up more or less just being thrown at you without pretty much any explanation later on. Such as how skills level up in this game, the overall skill tree (Gate of Fates), and so on.

    6.) Perhaps during the tutorial stage allow the player to try out all of the weapon types to get a chance to see the different class styles rather than always starting with the same weapon type. Or allow the player to pick a weapon type to start the game with.

    7.) During the tutorial stage, it would be nice to give the player a simple/minor healing potion and explain how potions in this game work. Does not need to be some major live saving potion, but something to at least get the player used to how the potions regen and work in this game.

    Gameplay – Vendors / Merchants / Towns People

    8.) While interacting with a vendor that opens a menu on screen clicking on that menu/shop anywhere can sometimes cause a ‘click-through’ making your character move as if you click on the ground. This can become very annoying trying to buy or sell things to a vendor quickly.

    9.) The merchant in town never really seems to have any quality gear for your level range, but instead mostly sells really low-level stuff all the time.

    10.) Merchants can be easily abused to ‘farm’ better gear/yellows using the ‘Inn Keeper’ that is near the main town merchant. You can sleep to reset the merchants time and stock fairly fast and never leave town until you are wearing full yellows. Perhaps make the Inn Keeper cost money to use based on the amount time you rest to deter people from using him too often.

    11.) Don John – the daily dungeon master – should do something else while in single player. Perhaps adding some sort of offline mode for the daily dungeon or another dungeon system similar to the bounty guys dungeon. It feels out of place for an npc to tell you to go ‘online’ to play a dungeon.

    12.) The NPC (Luthor) fishing just north of the house NPC is not able to be gotten to. There is a flag banner hanging in front of the staircase going down to him blocking you from walking all the way down to him. Not sure if this is intentional or not but it is impossible to interact with this npc in any way cause of this flag banner.

    Gameplay – Minimap (Top-Right)

    13.) The icons on the minimap are ‘locked’ in place and do not rotate properly with the minimap. For example, the quest ! markers go upside down as you rotate the minimap rather than staying upright properly with the rotation.

    14.) Hovering over points on the minimap would be nice to have tooltips showing what they are.

    15.) An option to adjust the size and type of minimap would be nice to have, such as changing from a circular minimap to a square one.

    16.) The ability to zoom in and out on the minimap would be nice to have.

    Gameplay – Overall Map (Pressing M)

    17.) The window size and actual map image do not align correctly and look weird.

    18.) The map offers little to no useful information other than warp points.

    19.) Perhaps adding a quick view button or mode for the map such as pressing and holding tab will overlay the map on-screen while the button is pressed making it easier to determine if you are going the way you want to travel and explore to another waypoint or dungeon icon on the map.

    Gameplay – General

    20.) At this moment the game skill blocks you based on what keys are pressed and if you are moving. You have to completely stop doing anything else in order to press one of the skill keys and have it work. This feels really unnatural for an ARPG.

    21.) If you get too much movement speed, you can cause yourself to clip off the map in certain areas and get stuck. In some cases, you get stuck and your character will keep trying to move preventing you from being able to use the town portal. In this case, you can essentially cause yourself to have to delete the character and start over.

    22.) Similar to 21, if you go to the right side of the world there are parts where you can see the boundaries. It is possible to walk through the bounds going right in certain spots, but if you try to walk back going left, you cannot. Which in turn gets you stuck outside of the map. (You can town portal in this case but it is still something that shouldn’t happen.

    23.) The world bounds being visible seems strange since it looks out of place. (See: ) Perhaps adding mountains and other natural forms of blocking the world bounds would be more fitting.

    Boss – Sky

    24.)  The boss up in the sky area can be easily farmed and abused using the Inn Keeper and a town portal. After killing the boss, porting to town and sleeping til the next day will cause the boss to respawn. Simply going through you portal gets you right back to him instantly. Allowing you to easily farm  his drops over and over at a very rapid pace. A way to fix this could be removing the players town portal if they use the Inn Keeper forcing them to run the full path back to the boss. (This can be used to abuse future bosses which is why I am suggesting this method of fixing it.)


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    Gameplay – Classes (Mage)

    25.) The Mage style class should be able to not only cast on a target, but cast on the floor near the target instead of having things like the fireball go flying off in the nothingness off-screen. It would feel better if your fireball instead crashes into the ground where your mouse was (if it wasn’t on a target) and causes the ground to ignite etc. like it does already, just at the place of your mouse instead of across the screen where you weren’t aiming.

    26.) Skills such as the mages Thunderball and stuff have no collision with the world. Causing it to go through walls/houses/etc.

    Gameplay – Classes (Ranger)

    27.) The Ranger style class seems fairly underwhelming at the moment due to the lack of skills it gets that are specific to crossbows. I understand this is early alpha so things will be added later but it would be nice to see some more skills added for testing in the near future.

    28.) Crossbows seem to be very rare compared to every other weapon type, making Ranger feel like a burden to play until you get the best weapon you can. Other weapon types seem to be a lot more common.

    Gameplay – Classes  (Warrior / Barbarian)

    29.) Similar to 27. the Warrior/Barbarian style class feels underwhelming due to a lack of interesting skills. It would be nice to have more to play with and test during the alpha.


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    Gameplay – Online / Security

    30.) Network performance with Wolcen is pretty bad at the moment, especially for those with limited internet connections. Wolcen constantly sends about 2MB/s of traffic which on a limited connection, such as my DSL, this fully kills my internet. If I play Wolcen online, I get a ton of lag/micro-stutters and I kill the internet for the rest of my house. I would really like to see some compression and better data utilization/communications added in the near future.

    31.) Right now, there are npcs to suggest there will be pvp (ie the Arena npcs). This is a bit concerning given how easy it is to mod your character, stats, and items right now. For example, here is a crossbow I modded:

    32.) The daily dungeon leaderboard is also pointless because of how easy it is to mod your stats and give yourself massive movement speed. You can also just directly teleport to the dungeon boss fairly easily via memory editing.

    33.) It is extremely easy to mod your stats / skill points / Gate of Fates skill point counts to give yourself the best stats possible in the game and unlock every single skill tree bubble. While in single player this is fine and up to the player if they want to cheat, this will completely kill any online playing and enjoyment for players. The pvp arena will especially suffer since hacked characters will just 1 hit everyone else. If you guys plan to host the online game servers, it may be best to invest in making all these kinds of things handled  server sided and not reliant on the client to tell the server what to do.

    34.) Packet manipulation is fairly simple to do which can allow you to modify your items and information as its being sent to the server to be saved.  This ties into the above issues making it very easy to hack your character and items even in online mode.

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