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    Hi, i just got the game today and was so excited to be able to play it after 4 hrs download. However, when i play the game it perodicly freezes and i cqant do anything, but i get hit by enemies and  eventually die (or i survive with luck).
    My computer specs are not bad at all:
    16GB Ram
    AMD FX 8350 8-Core 4.3GHz
    Win 7 Home Service pack 1
    AMD Radeon R9 380 Series.

    Any one else has this issues or had them and could fix them?



    Maybe anyone has suggestions for game settings? What i can turn off so it will not freeze anymore (or so often)… Since i wrote the post i have actually complete crashes now. Screen freezes, and when i use ctrl+alt+del for the task manager, the game goes black and is not responding anymore.

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