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    Stefan Tanase


    I simply wanted to make a small suggestion that woulde just be a quality of life thing nothing more.

    Basically would be really cool if you`d adda feature like Sacred 1 and 2 have that is automatically picking loot by pressing a selected button. And also add to this option what you prefer to pick for example:


    1) Pick everything

    2) Pick only gold

    3) Pick only gold and uniques, etc..


    Just an idea that would be nice to have, so far I really like this game awesome job !


    Guardian Angel

    Hi, loot filtering and other QoL improvements are planned !



    Instead of a button that auto picks everything up, why not have a button that permanently toggles loot on the ground of certain varieties?  So for example we could have it set to only show yellow items and up so it doesn’t slow the game down terribly with all the white and blue gear that gets dropped constantly.  This way players can automatically see if any gear they may be looking for dropped or if they can keep going to the next mob.


    Calistaen [Wolcen Staff]
    Guardian Angel

    Loot filter is planned 😉

    Community Manager
    Wolcen Studio

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