Topic: Please elaborate on the player-made Dungeon Challenge system

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    Hey. Kudos for the already fun game.

    I’m quite intrigued by the player-made-dungeon system. Yet I find no elaboration of the principle. Is there already a prototype system? The roadmap is not very clear on that.

    1. Will it involve something complex like a dungeon master mechanic? Meaning, will the creator be able to take control of creatures/bosses in it to personally challenge the player, or, perhaps, spawn or move creatures (RTS-style) when the instance is already activated by another player/party? This would be, perhaps, too ambitious, but man oh man would it make the game unique!

    Even if the answer to the first question is “no”, any insight into the system would be welcome, even if it’s still in the design phase:

    2. Will the dungeon creator be able to customize mods of super-unique monsters and bosses? How customizeable would be major bosses?

    3. Will the creator be able to place event triggers? If yes, then what kind of events are planned?

    4. How will you tackle the loot system to prevent players from making easy dungeons for effortless loot farming? Any treasure class limitations?




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