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    WarGod Gorack

    -So i thought what if we just have like we have right a bunch of hair models you can use but if you want you can click on advanced options and you can create your own hair style i will tell you how i imagined it being.

    so when you click on advanced options your character goes immediately bald and then you can grow the hair as you wish by dragging the hair out of your skull like let’s say on the bald head there is a lot of dots and you can click those dots and drag them out to make hair follow it would take a long while to create a hair you imagined but at least it offers choice and if you don’t want to go trough with it you can always chose a already existing model from the simple options of hair.

    -change the elder scrolls online character creation to a more old school Skyrim kinds creation it would be much more simpler and you can have more free will when creating your character.

    -some races like elves or orc or even maybe undead or slime or skeleton like in the old days of wow you can chose a race but some races are evil and some a re nice and depending what race you pick it will change your whole story so like if you pick human you just play the current set up campaign and if you pick skeleton maybe you are under the command of a necromancer but grow strong and then forges your own path instead of obeying a necromancer. but you get the idea.



    Calistaen [Wolcen Staff]
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    Thank you for your feedback Tar’Nuri, however for this first version of Wolcen we will probably go with something simpler to avoid higher delays in the release of the game. Wolcen will only allow to create a human character male and female, with different customizations.

    We might keep these ideas for a Wolcen 2 though, if the game is successful enough 😉

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    Given the smaller scale of this game and the limited dev time I can totally understand and support that decision Calistaen. However, I would strongly advise that you at least make sure the framework to implement similar improvements should be built into the game.

    Why? I personally am a large fan of the Indy game genre, and I’ve seen far too often dev teams that limit the scope of customization initially for similar reason, but then when the game takes off and they suddenly have an abundance of resources, they can’t push the customization any further due to design limitations that were choices made during those early phases.

    I personally feel that making sure you have adequate framework to implement changes like that further down the road is not only smart from a development point of view, but smart marketing. Players will be more eager to invest in a game when they know that it has the capacity to evolve, rather then buying a game and then realizing (from dev interactions), that they are as far as they can go with the current model, and were then waiting for “Game #2” to actually get the features we wanted in the game in the first place.

    While I like allot of the things you’ve done with the game so far, to be honest, If I would have seen the character design limitations before investing in the early release, I probably would have waited until “Wolcen 2” I wouldn’t be surprised if there are many players on the fence that could be swayed into investment if they knew those features were planned, just not initially released.


    WarGod Gorack


    The freedom of customization is what players of this genre loves most. In order to immerse in the world we need to build our own character and not play a already existing character that somebody else created or it will be Diablo 3 all over again.

    Also I thought up another cool idea.

    You would have an mechanic that does so if you character has unbelievable amount of umbra the hair of the character start to take on effects of your umbra type like if we say you are an electric umbra user you hair or beard or both will start sparking and glowing a plasma-ish color.

    Or if you are an Fire-type your hair starts to burn or even become fire all together.

    We also have ice-type but i really don’t know but maybe like some frost effects and maybe turn your skin to ice?


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