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    I got a issue with umbra generation since i used a magic staff (lighting one) as i can’t use rage spender skill i have nothing to generate umbra … my skill use umbra and the auto attack of my staff don’t generate umbra.

    Do i miss something? because for now the gameplay is better with a warrior weapon … and i’m a mage ^^’ that’s odd.

    Thanks and fly safe.




    Guardian Angel

    Hi Sigmar, the staff auto-attack does not generate umbra as it is meant as backup weapon while your umbra is regenerating. Depending on your preference, using a melee weapon and a rage spell might be a faster way to transfer umbra, but you then lose the spell damage bonus granted by staves, and have to dedicate at least one skill slot to a range-spender.




    I’m playing a mage with a staff and generating umbra isn’t too bad.  My advice? pay attention to the skill tree/gate of fates wheel when leveling up.


    Umbra regeneration:  10% regen speed.

    Umbra recovery:  makes it so that your rage doesn’t conserve.  So as soon as it fills up, it immediately starts to regen umbra again.

    Quick rest:  if you’re not in combat, umbra regens 20% faster

    Magical Affinity: 20% umbra regeneration if you are all out.  Scales down, so I imagine it’s still a 19% boost then 18%, etc, diminishing as you get more back.  Still, really good and it’s very noticeable.


    I am probably missing a few, but they are either harder to reach in the tree or you need to be level 14 or so to get to them.  Umbra recovery is HUGE though, make sure to get that one.  And if you plan to play a full mage, just get all of these.  Also, make use of the purple umbra potions as you level up.  And gear can have + umbra regen or regen % boost, so stock up.  Good luck!



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